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Crime Patrol: Triple murder: Constable murders lover, husband, flees (Episode 53 on 28th October 2011)

The Inside Story

Illicit Affair and Jealousy: Constable Kills Three in West Bengal's Barrackpore

A state armed police constable, Pijush Ghosh, escaped with a loaded SLR rifle from West Bengal's Latbagan police camp on Sunday and killed Sharbani Pal (34), her husband Manabendra Nath Pal (42), and his elder sister Rohini Roy (46) at Ardali Bazar near Barrackpore Air force Grounds. The murders are suspected to be a fallout of an illicit affair between Pijush and Sharbani, who was married with two children and wanted to end the relationship. Pijush had come to the Barrackpore Latbagan police camp five days ago after completing his stint in Bankura.

Police suspect Pijush had planned the murders, which occurred after an argument in a field near Ardali Bazar. Sharbani's brother, Bibhash Sarkar, who was also present, managed to escape. Pijush is suspected to have shot six times before fleeing. The rifle he used was loaded with around 50 rounds of cartridges. Senior police officers visited the spot, and a manhunt has been launched to apprehend the constable, who is suspected to have fled to Hooghly.

Sharbani and Pijush had met four yearsago when he stayed as a paying guest at her parent's house, and they fell in love. Sharbani's mother alleged that Pijush had forced her daughter into a relationship despite knowing that she was married with two children. Later, when Manabendra also learned of the affair, there were frequent quarrels between him and Pijush. On Saturday night, Pijush called Manabendra to settle the matter amicably, but the next day, he killed three people in cold blood.

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