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Crime Patrol: Cops solve mystery behind missing boy and 1.25 Crore Rupee Diamond (Episode 73 on 6 January, 2012)

The Inside Story

Arrest Made in Murder and Robbery of Diamond Delivery Boy in Mumbai

The police in Mumbai have arrested Naresh Golani, a 32-year-old diamond broker, for the murder and robbery of his friend and neighbor, Hardik Moradia, who worked as a diamond delivery boy for businessman Parth Mehta. Moradia's body was found near Panchgani in Maharashtra, with diamonds worth Rs 1.25 crore missing.

The police have revealed that Golani, along with three other accomplices, lured Moradia into selling the diamonds he was supposed to deliver to a client on November 17. Instead of going to Kurla, the group drove Moradia to Panchgani, where they stabbed him multiple times and fled with the diamonds. The police were able to solve the case by going through Moradia's phone records and examining CCTV footage taken near Panchratna building, where Golani and Moradia both lived.

While the police have been able to recover the car in which Moradia was taken, they have not yet managed to trace Golani's Wagon R and the missing diamonds. Another accused, Dharmesh Patel, has been identified and a special police team has been sent to nab him. The other two accused are yet unidentified and at large.

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