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Crime Patrol: Woman nabbed for abetting suicide over Rs 1,000 debt (Episode 86 on 18th Feb 2012)

The Inside Story

Woman Arrested in Mumbai, Maharashtra for Threatening Rape Frame-up on Teenager

A 24-year-old woman was arrested by the Borivli police in Mumbai for allegedly abetting a 17-year-old SSC student to commit suicide. The accused, Jyoti Pillai, had threatened the boy with a false rape case if he did not repay a sum of Rs 1,000 that he had borrowed from her brother. Ritesh Singh had borrowed the money to buy medicines for his ailing grandmother.

Scared to death: Ritesh Singh hanged himself after Jyoti Pillai threatened him that she would slap false rape charges on him

When Pillai found that the money was missing, she went to Ritesh's house and demanded her dues. She threatened him that she would tell his parents and even slap rape charges on him if he did not return the money. Scared by her threats, Ritesh hanged himself soon after Pillai left. The police arrested Pillai on charges of abetment to suicide.

The police have not found any suicide note near Ritesh's body, but his friends informed them about Pillai's visit and threats. Pillai was working for a private firm in Malad at the time of her arrest, and her brother had taken the money from her salary kept at their Gorai residence to lend it to Ritesh. The police are further investigating the case.

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