17 year old teenager Gopal residing in Borivli lived with his parents and Grandmother. Gopal's parents were labours working on a construction site and his Grandmother was very ill thus his father Raghuram somehow managed to collect cash for her mother's medicines but Gopal could only bring half medicines as he didn't had money. later, he somehow manages to get 1000 rupees but does not reveal how did he arrange those cash to his parents. Gopal's parents are shocked to see his dead body hanging on the fan. From whom did Gopal took 1000 rupees cash? Whi did he committed suicide? Who is that lady?

The Inside Story
Date: 2011-12-09 Place: Mumbai
Cops arrested 24-year-old for threatening her brother's 17-year-old friend-- who owed her Rs 1,000 -- with a rape frame-up if he didn't pay up

The Borivli police arrested a 24-year-old woman on Wednesday for allegedly abetting an SSC student to commit suicide. Cops said the woman blackmailed the boy by threatening to slap a rape case on him if did not return an amount of Rs 1,000 which he had borrowed from her brother 15 days ago.

According to investigators, the accused identified as Jyoti Pillai works for a private firm in Malad. Couple of weeks back, her younger brother Ganesh had taken Rs 1,000 from her salary money kept at their Gorai residence to lend it to his friend Ritesh Singh (17), who said he needed the money to buy medicines for his ailing grandmother.

Cash missing
Scared to death: 
Ritesh Singh hanged himself after Jyoti
Pillai threatened him that she
 would slap false rape charges on him
On Monday, when Jyoti opened her cupboard to take some cash, she found Rs 1,000 missing. When she asked Ganesh, he told her that Ritesh had borrowed it and would return it in a few days. An irritated Jyoti landed at Ritesh's house on Tuesday to demand her dues. At the time, Ritesh's parents were not at home.

"Only Ritesh and his grandmother were in the house when Jyoti went there and started abusing Ritesh. So he and his grandmother gave whatever cash they had on them at that time, which was around Rs 280," said Senior Police Inspector Bhagwan Chate.

But Jyoti wanted the entire amount and she threatened Ritesh that she would tell his parents and even slap rape charges on him. "Jyoti told Ritesh she would approach the police and register a rape case against him," added Chate.

Daunted by her threats, a susceptible Ritesh hanged himself at his residence soon after Jyoti left. The police have not found any suicide note near the body but Ritesh's friends told the police about Jyoti's visit and threats. "We have arrested Jyoti on the charges of abetment to suicide. We are further investigating the case," said Chate.