Accused arrested after cops found his whereabouts on Facebook
A 17-year-old IIT aspirant was detained by Delhi police on Tuesday for allegedly murdering a retired teacher in south Delhi's Vasant Kunj. The boy reportedly wanted to avenge his humiliation as the elderly man made his parents pay three lakh rupees after he stole jewellery and credit cards from his house, police said.

On December 19, 68-year-old Sanskrit teacher DK Joshi was found dead with a head injury caused by a blunt object and stab wounds inflicted by scissors on his neck. The incident came to light when his son asked his cousin to visit his father as he was not attending his calls from the US. Police found the body on the floor of the drawing room.

"We knew the names of the boys who had lived as Joshi's tenants. But we didn't have their addresses. We did an extensive search on facebook and got their personal details. We detained the boy from his uncle's residence in Gurgaon. His father is a businessman while his sister is pursuing second year MBBS," Deputy Commisioner of Police (south) HGS Dhaliwal said on Tuesday.

"The accused used to live as a tenant at the time. The deceased had a few more young tenants and bonded well with them," a senior police officer said.

According to Dhaliwal, the boy came to Delhi last Thursday, armed with a khukri (a Nepali short bent knife).
He then procured a wig from a beauty parlour in Kalkaji, run by a friend.

"He told one of his school friends that he could arrange a job for him and went to his house to take his motorcycle. He also arranged some interviews for him. The teenager then took him to Vasant Kunj on the pretext of collecting some money," Dhaliwal said.

The C-9 duplex flat at Vasant Kunj 
where the retired government teacher lived.
Joshi, who had gone out for shopping, found the boy outside his flat on his return. The teenager pushed his way inside the house and stabbed him with the knife.

"The khukri got damaged as the boy hit the teacher. Then he stabbed him with scissors. He also searched the house and laid his hands on whatever he could find.

He returned to where his friend was waiting for him with a laptop, three wine bottles and a mobile phone in a bag," Dhaliwal said. Joshi moved to his Vasant Kunj home seven years ago. He was living alone after his wife died in 2008.