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Crime Patrol: Arun tikku murder case (Episode 123, 124, 125 on Jun 29, 30 and July 1 2012)




The Inside Story

Stockbroker Gautam Vora Arrested for Giving Shelter to Murder Accused in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Gautam Vora, a hotshot broker and a regular at top Page 3 dos in Mumbai, was arrested on Monday on charges of giving shelter to gangster and murder accused Vijay Palande. Vora had booked a room for Palande in a hotel after the latter fled from the custody of the Mumbai police. The police claimed that Vora not only gave Palande fresh clothes but also arranged for a ticket to Bangkok, which was to be delivered to Palande at the airport by one of Vora's men. Vora was remanded in police custody till April 27.

Vora met Palande in a hotel in Marine Lines. The stockbroker reportedly got three T-shirts and a pair of trousers for Palande. While entering the hotel, Palande pretended to be the stockbroker's servant. Vora's lawyer argued that Vora did not know that the man he knew as Karan Sood was actually Vijay Palande. "He never knew that his real name was Palande, and on April 10, when Palande sought Vora's help, he did not know that he was accused of a serious crime," Vora's lawyer said. But, the court rejected Vora's bail plea.

Vora is in charge of running the ULJK Broking Firm, which is owned by his father. The stockbroker, who leads a flamboyant lifestyle, is known to throw big parties and hobnob with the rich and famous. Vora was interrogated by the police in 2010 after his then-girlfriend, model Viveka Babajee, committed suicide. Gautam and Viveka were said to be in a relationship, and in her suicide note, Viveka blamed Vora for her death.

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