Crime Patrol : Zeenath Gets Trapped In A Flesh Trade - Episode 133 - 21st July 2012

Innocent Zeenath was eagerly waiting for her Boyfriend Afzal thus she gets a huge shock when Viren introduces her to a customer and forces her make love with him, on the other side, Zeenath's Parents and her Brother residing in West Bengal, Paraganas District, Barasat was desperately searching Zeenath thus, they fail to find her and also files a missing complaint. Cops succeed in tracking Zeenath's cell phone records through which they come to know about Afzal and starts tracing him. There in Mumbai, 2 unknown women who were staying with Zeenath forces her to get use to the job. Zeenath comes to know about Afzal's plan and there in Mumbra, Salim comes to know that Afzal is in Mumbai. Zeenath calls her Brother Salim. Will Salim and Mumbra police succeed in finding Afzal and his gang?

Crime Patrol : Salim And Mumbai Police Succeed In Finding Zeenath - Episode 134 - 22nd July 2012

Zeenath succeeds in calling her Brother Salim and informs him that she is in danger later, Salim informs cops about his and Zeenath's conversations thus Salim and his cousin Brother Sulaiman reaches Mumbai and requests Thane Police to help him in finding her Sister who is trapped in a flesh trade. Thane Police designs a plan as they wanted to trace the exact location and they succeed too thus Salim visits dream lodge to meet Nazlin who is involved in the dealing of teenage Girls but fails to find Zeenath in the house. Cops brutally beats Nazlin as they wanted to collect some information about Viren and Afzal. Cops succeed in arresting Viren but Afzal fleas away. Will Cops succeed in finding Afzal? Will Salim and his family meet Zeenath?
The Inside Story
Mumbai: Mona (name changed) will now probably think twice before returning missed calls from unknown numbers.

The 16-year-old girl from the South Gopal Chandi area in West Bengal was forced into prostitution by her boyfriend, who she fell in love with after she returned his numerous missed calls on her mobile phone.

According to the police, Mona repeatedly received missed calls from an unknown number over a couple of days. A few days after she returned the calls with a missed call, the caller identified himself as Arabali alias Asgar Ashraf Mulla, 23, also from West Bengal.

The two developed a friendship and soon fell in love. On November 9, Mulla reportedly popped the question to Mona.

Mulla told her to come to Barasat railway station in West Bengal. The girl left home saying she was going to visit a friend.

She waited for hours at the station, but when he did not turn up, she called him. Mulla finally reached Barasat station and took her Sialda.

Mulla told Mona that they would stay for a few days at his uncle's place in Sialda and then would leave for Mumbai, where they would get married.

On November 13, Mulla brought Mona to Mumbai and introduced her to one Meena, who runs a prostitution racket. Mona was raped by about 16 people on several occasions at different places, the police said.

Mulla warned her against revealing her sexual abuse, said an officer from the Dongri police station. "

We raided a building in Dongri on November 18 after receiving a tip-off that it was being used to run a prostitution racket. We nabbed the victim, Meena and Mulla. The victim then narrated her ordeal to us, after which we sent her to the Dongri children's home," the officer said.