Kolkata: A 37-year-old woman said she was raped in a moving car in the heart of the metropolis earlier this month, and that, instead of taking action on her FIR, the Kolkata police asked her how she could be raped in a moving car by five men.

As per police reports, the mother of two and a former call centre employee was raped on the night of Feb 5. She was also severely beaten. The police complaint was filed Feb 9 while her medical examination was conducted Tuesday.

Talking about her ordeal to a Bengali news channel, she said: "I was raped at gun point by one Sharafat Ali inside a car in which I was given a lift. The man kept hitting me mercilessly even after he had finished raping me."

The victim said she had boarded the car because the lift was offered by a man Lavi Gidwani with whom she had a friendly chat a few minutes earlier at a club from where she was returning home late in the night.
"He looked and talked decent. But it was his friend Ali who sat beside me and I realised I was in trouble. I only remember the car going towards St Xavier's College (Park Street) ... later, I was kicked out of the car," she said.

The victim had undergone a medical examination herself Feb 9, the day she reported the matter to the police.
'It has been a week now, nothing has happened. I have been receiving phone calls threatening me not to approach the police. I am now apprehensive about my children and my family,' said the 37-year-old, adding that she was harassed and subjected to misbehaviour by police while lodging the complaint.

Gidwani's father, however, claimed that his son was out of the country at the time of the alleged crime.
The city police, meanwhile, promised swift action after TV channels showcased the woman's plight, and following allegations of inaction by her.

'We are looking into the matter with all sincerity and assure swift action. We are also looking into allegation of police misbehaviour and, if found guilty, they will be punished,' Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Damayanti Sen said.


Criticism won't deter me: Kolkata rape victim
Kolkata: The 37-year-old mother of two who was allegedly raped in a moving car earlier this month in Kolkata is determined to get justice. Speaking to CNN-IBN, she said that caustic remarks won't stop her in her fight for justice.

"I really didn't care about what anybody told me or said about me. I just believed in myself... And I knew what I had gone through. And I didn't want anyone else to go through that.

"I needed to get them for what they had done to me. I could not sleep. I actually can't sleep. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, screaming, and all that trauma and all that I am going through, is only visible and only felt by me and my daughters, who are with me continuously in this fight, you know, they are with me all the time and they are the ones that console me in the night when I am crying, or in the morning or parts of the day when I remember the incident.

"It's the very same reason I needed to stand up and fight and talk about it. The more I talk about it publicly, you know, as much as shame as I feel and as irritated and degraded I feel, the fact of those guys touching me, and doing the things they did to me... I was so defenceless at that time... But today I feel like.. I have all the support I need."

When asked about her struggle to bring her story out, she said, "To bring out the story I had to speak a thousand times, but I didn't care as long as the truth came out."

She also urged that rape victims should speak up and fight for justice. "I was so defenseless. But today I see the support for me. We need to talk about it. We must talk about this, it's important. There are a lot of animals out there," she said.

She also said that it was support from her family that helped her come out with her story. "I never wanted to go to the police or talk about it. I wanted to bury it in my heart. But my daughters, my family explained to me. I am so angry. I am not ashamed, I am angry that they can do this and get away with this. But I am glad they now know they can't," she said.

The alleged victim, however, refrained from commenting on the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's remarks on the case. Mamata had labelled the rape victim a part of a greater conspiracy against her government.

Meanwhile the three accused who were arrested on Saturday have been sent to police custody till March 3. The main rape suspect is still at large.