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Crime Patrol: "Five men raped me, police asked how": Kolkata woman (Episode 134, 135 on 28-29 July 2012)



The Inside Story

37-year-old alleges rape in a moving car in Kolkata, West Bengal

A 37-year-old woman in Kolkata, West Bengal, has alleged that she was raped and beaten in a moving car by five men earlier this month. However, instead of taking action on her FIR, the Kolkata police reportedly asked her how she could be raped in a moving car by five men. The police complaint was filed on February 9, while her medical examination was conducted on Tuesday.

The victim said she had boarded the car because she was given a lift by a man named Lavi Gidwani, with whom she had a friendly chat a few minutes earlier at a club from where she was returning home late at night. However, once inside the car, she was raped at gunpoint by one Sharafat Ali and beaten mercilessly. The victim reported the matter to the police on February 9 and underwent a medical examination on the same day.

After the victim's plight was showcased on TV channels and allegations of police inaction and misbehaviour were made, the Kolkata police promised swift action and assured that they were looking into the matter with all sincerity. The incident has once again highlighted the need for better awareness and support for victims of sexual assault and harassment in our society.

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