August 29, 2012, New Delhi
Watch full story and Crime Patrol version of Sonali Mukherjee case here.

It was a big day for the acid attack victim from Jharkhand's Dhanbad district -- Sonali Mukherjee -- as she underwent yet another surgery on Tuesday hoping to regain a near-normal face, which was badly charred following her tormentor's inhuman act about a decade ago.

Though she had faced as many as 22 surgeries in last nine years, the latest one was different in the way that it was the first time that she could be given the best possible treatment and medical facilities in her fight to get back a face as close to normal as possible.

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has been running a campaign for Sonali seeking justice and best medical treatment to her. Though she has got support from the common citizens of the country, the Centre and the state government have not extended any real or logistical support as yet.

The surgery began at 10.30 am and lasted about five hours. It was a part of a series of surgeries that would take place at the multi specialty hospital over the next 12 months.

Senior consultant for plastic and reconstructive surgery Dr A.S. Bath said, "We are going to put tissue expanders in her scalp so that we can reconstruct her scalp. She has a large patch of aloepacia on the right side of scalp which is without hair so we will be expanding the normal scalp so that scalp will be used for reconstructing the area where the scar is. Second thing that we are going to do is the reconstruction of her upper eyelids on both the sides and lower eyelid on right side. She has got contracture of eyelids. We are going to release the eyelids and put skin graft there so that she can close the eyelids."

Dr Sanjeev Bagai of BL Kapur Hospital said, "We will put our best foot forward. Best team put together. This is the first amongst a series of surgeries which we have planned out over a period of 12 months. Our aim is to give her some quality of life. I understand the limitations of surgery that we will not be able to give her face like what God had given her, but we will try our best in this hospital whatever we can comprehensively combined as a team. We pray for her that she recovers well and recovers soon and her spirit remains exactly the same."

Sonali, who has been battling her severe injuries hoping to fight her way back to the life that she had dreamt for herself, thanked people for helping her. "I only want to say thank you to everyone, to God, the team of doctors and all of you. I hope to recover soon," she said.

Watch full story and Crime Patrol version of Sonali Mukherjee case here.