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Crime Patrol: Baby girl lies unwanted as two families battle over a new-born boy; court steps in (Episode 152, 153 on 8th-9th Sep 2012)

The Inside Story

Rajasthan High Court Takes Cognizance of Abandoned Baby Girl

The Rajasthan High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of a disturbing case where an eight-day-old baby girl was abandoned in Jodhpur's Umaid Hospital because she was not a boy. The court has ordered the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Jodhpur to ensure adequate protection for the girl child and has criticized the incident as a terrible example of gender bias.

The baby girl's biological mother, Poonam Kanwar, was reportedly misled by midwives who claimed she had given birth to a son. When the truth was revealed two hours later, Poonam and her family were shocked. Poonam already has a son, and hospital authorities claim she is the baby girl's mother based on a blood test. However, Poonam has requested a DNA test to confirm the baby boy's parentage.

The Rajasthan Women's Commission has also intervened, calling the incident a result of a feudal mindset that discriminates against the girl child. The court has appointed an advocate as the girl's amicus curie and has sought a progress report from the CJM on April 20. This case highlights the importance of ending gender bias and discrimination against girls in India.

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