The Inside Story
New Delhi: July 25, 2012 Unable to see his mother being abused by his smack-addicted father, a 24-year-old man allegedly murdered him with a meat chopper.

Danish, along with his mother Naima, was arrested early on Wednesday on the charge of murdering his 50-year-old father at their residence in Nizamuddin in south Delhi. Naima was accused of trying to conceal her son's crime.

The man, whose name was not revealed, was found dead with a deep cut injury on his neck on Tuesday evening at his residence and police said the scene of the crime was "disturbed as the floor was swept using a wiper."

On suspicion, police interrogated Naima who tried to deviate their attention by accusing her brother-in-law Zahiruddin for murdering her husband over property dispute.

She said she saw her husband's body after she came from Jama Masjid at around 5.30 pm. Police suspected the involvement her son Danish because his phone was switched off.

Police arrested Danish, while he was trying to flee Delhi, and he confessed that he murdered his father, who was a smack addict for the last 20 years.

"His father used to abuse and hit his mother almost every day since his childhood and would also be suspicious of moral character of his mother," a senior police official said. The immediate spark for the murder was his father's refusal to go for treatment and beating up his mother yesterday.

"He took a meat chopper and cut the throat of his father and also inflicted sharp injuries on the back of the body. In the meantime his mother came back along with his sister. His mother asked him to leave from there immediately and told him that she will clean up the spot and will make an alibi to save him," the official said.