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Crime Patrol: Man murders father for abusing mother (Episode 154 on 14 Sep 2012)

The Inside Story

24-Year-Old Man Allegedly Murders Smack-Addicted Father

In Nizamuddin, south Delhi, a 24-year-old man, identified only as Danish, allegedly murdered his father with a meat chopper after witnessing him abuse his mother. The father was a smack addict and had been abusive towards his wife and son for years. Danish's mother, Naima, was also arrested for trying to conceal her son's crime.

The man's body was discovered with a deep cut to his neck on Tuesday evening, and the scene of the crime had been disturbed, with the floor swept clean using a wiper. When police interrogated Naima, she attempted to blame her brother-in-law for the murder, but Danish was arrested after police discovered his phone was switched off.

Danish confessed to the murder, stating that his father had refused to seek treatment and had beaten his mother the day he was killed. Danish used a meat chopper to cut his father's throat and inflict sharp injuries on his back. Naima helped her son cover up the crime and create an alibi. This tragic incident highlights the dangers of substance abuse and domestic violence in households.

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