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New Delhi: Ten years after a horrific acid left her disfigured, 27-yr-old Sonali Mukherjee is taking baby steps towards a normal life. She is recovering from a reconstructive surgery at Delhi's BL Kapur Memorial Hospital.

Her operation was done with the help of the NGO Beti. "I want to thank CNN-IBN for taking up my story, spreading the message and touching people's hearts so that they donate money and help me," Sonali said. "My surgery will go on for nearly 1.5 years and I need to go through nine phases," she added. However, Sonali said that she wasn't getting legal help to fight her case. "Legal help is still difficult. I appealed to Chief Justice, but my case is still not being heard in Jharkhand. The culprits are roaming freely," she said.

You, too, can help Sonali rebuild her life. Just send in your donations to Chandi Das Mukherjee.

Following are their contact details:
Brother Devashish Mukherjee: 09437638600
Father Chandi Das Mukherjee: 09210022919