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Crime Patrol: Teacher fakes his abduction, murder to teach wife a lesson (Episode 173 on 2nd Nov 2012)

The Inside Story

Teacher Fakes Abduction and Murder in Delhi to Avoid Consequences of Affair

Ashish Kumar Peter, a coaching institute owner from Swatanter Nagar in Narela, Delhi, was arrested for faking his own abduction and murder. He went into hiding in Dehradun after his wife, Ritu Peter, lodged a complaint with the police suspecting that he had been abducted and murdered. She had found bloodstains in the room and on the walls of his institute and the shutter partially open. It was later discovered that Peter had faked the crime scene and his disappearance to teach his wife a lesson after she objected to his affair with one of his students.

During interrogation, Peter admitted that he had been having an affair with one of his students and his wife had objected to it, leading to frequent quarrels at home. To get back at his wife and create a suspicion, he slashed his right palm with a blade and splattered blood on the floor, wall, and door of the room to make it look like a scene of abduction and murder. He then fled to Dehradun, where he shaved his head and removed his mustache to hide his identity but kept in touch with his students.

The police traced Peter to Dehradun after discovering that he had purchased a new SIM number from someone named Sanjeev. When the call details of the number were analyzed, it was found that the location was traced in Dehradun. After being arrested, Peter was charged with fabricating and manipulating the crime scene and was put in judicial custody.

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