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Crime Patrol: Unidentified Persons Attack Women in Kanpur District (Episode 174, 175 on 3, 4 Nov 2012)



The Inside Story

Teacher Attacked and Left Unconscious in Kanpur

Fatte Purwa village, KANPUR

In a shocking incident, a young woman identified as Renu Mishra, a teacher by profession, was found lying unconscious in a van near Fattepur village in Maharajpur police area. She had deep injury marks on her body, including her neck, which suggested that she had been severely attacked with a sharp-edged weapon. Her hands were tied with a 'dupatta', and a kitchen knife was recovered from the four-wheeler. Mishra was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition and is not yet able to speak. The police are relying on her statement to ascertain information about the incident.

According to reports, Mishra was attacked by some unidentified persons with sharp-edged weapons when she was returning to her residence in a car. The culprits intercepted her car near Gauria village, tied her hands with a rope, and tried to slit her neck. Prime facie, she was attacked by someone known to her, as they did not loot the car, cash, or mobile belonging to her. The police are investigating the matter and have arrested several suspects.

The incident has sparked outrage and concern among Mishra's family, colleagues, and the local community. It has highlighted the need for better security measures and protection for women in India, especially those in positions of authority. Attacks on women have become all too common in the country, and this incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that women face on a daily basis. Mishra's family and colleagues are demanding justice and calling for stricter measures to ensure the safety of women in the area.

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    Did renu mishra recover from coma? What happened of the driver who was in the jail? Crime patrol?


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