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She was forced into prostitution by her greedy parents who made good money by selling her to various pimps. However, the 15-year-old girl managed to escape from the trafficker's clutches and hid at a shelter in western UP. When she couldn't be found, her parents sought the help of police to trace her. Little did they know that the move would land them in the police net. The teenager has been rescued from Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh.

The girl's father, who supplies vegetables at the wholesale market in Ghazipur, was under debt after suffering a loss in business. He had recently brought the girl to the capital from his native village, on the promise of providing her with better educational facilities. She had barely adjusted to life in the big city when her parents made her meet a pimp, Ravinder Singh (shown as Mohan Kumar), involved in several cases of trafficking across three states.

Realizing that her parents were forcing her into the flesh trade, the girl made three attempts to run away from her north Rohini residence. Each time, she was caught and beaten up by her father. "The victim told us that even her mother beat her up. She attended to clients every night and the money was shared by the pimp andher parents. As money started flowing in, her parents' greed increased. They ordered her to stay at a brothel run by Ravinder," said DCP (outer) B S Jaiswal.

Ravinder took the girl to Moradabad and handed her over to another pimp, Shanno (shown as Malti), who then sold her to a person named Sachin Rastogi, who belongs to Sambhal. Last month, the minor finally found an opportunity to run away.

When she couldn't be traced, her mother lodged a missing person's complaint at the North Rohini police station on September 29. Assuming it to be a case of kidnapping, cops launched a search operation. "The parents thought that after finding the girl we will send her back to them and they will again push her into prostitution," said Jaiswal. The victim will be produced before a Child Welfare Committee. Her parents, Ravinder, Shanno and Sachin have been arrested.

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In a bizarre incident, parents of a 15-year-old girl allegedly forced her into prostitution to overcome the financial crisis of the family.

They sold her to a pimp and would receive a fixed amount monthly in return. Somehow, the girl managed to escape from the clutches of a pimp based in Sambhal. After, the girl fled, panicked parents started rigorous search for her when the pimp stopped sending money to them.

When their all efforts went in vain, they approached the Delhi Police and lodged a missing complaint. Following the investigation by the police, the shocking revelation came to light about the misdeed of the parents. Consequently, five persons, including parents of the girl were arrested and the victim was rescued. The girl had taken refuge at her one of the relatives in Bhalaswa dairy in Delhi. Following the tip off, the girl was rescued.

Police said that the accused father Lal Singh (shown as Chaman) and the girl’s mother Chandrawati (shown as Alka) and three pimps Ravinder Singh (shown as Mohan), Shanno and Sachin Rastogi had been arrested in this connection. “Initially it appeared to be a case of kidnapping of a minor girl but during investigation, police came to know that father of victim is a vegetables supplier. Singh was under huge debts due to loses in business hence he forced his daughter into prostitution to get rdi of his debts,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer) BS Jaiswal.

He added he planned to make quick money and cleared his debts. “He went to his native Village and brought the girl to Delhi on the pretext of getting her into good school. But, the parents sold her to Ravinder. When, she resisted, she was badly beaten up by her father and mother. The earning of prostitution of girl was shared by the pimps and parents of victim,” the official added.

Then, the girl was sold in Moradabad to one Shanno (shown as Malti). Later, Shanno further handed over the girl to another pimp ~ Sachin in Sambhal. The further investigation of the case is in progress. The victim will be produced before Child Welfare Committee.

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