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Crime Patrol: Teens 'killed granny for IPL bets' (Episode 200 on 6th Jan 2012)

The Inside Story

Teenage Boys Kill Grandmother to Bet on Cricket Games in Goa, India

Two Indian teenagers are accused of murdering their 65-year-old grandmother, Linda Cajetan Andrade, in her home in Goa, India. The boys, aged 14 and 15, are part of a gang of five who allegedly stole 400,000 rupees ($7000) and some gold ornaments from her home in the south of the holiday state. They reportedly used the money to bet on the Indian Premier League and the Euro cup.

Police Superintendent Arvind Gawas said that the gang sold the gold after the murder and robbery, distributing the proceeds amongst themselves. The five accused were picked up from different locations after one of them confessed to the crime. The group are suspected of using the stolen money for betting, but it is unclear how much was gambled.

The incident has shocked the local community, and the boys’ actions have been widely condemned. The case highlights the dangers of underage gambling and the need for education and support to prevent young people from engaging in illegal activities.

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