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Crime Patrol: It was an act of perversion: Mumbai police on lawyer's murder (Episode 201 on 13th Jan 2013)

The Inside Story

Woman Lawyer Brutally Murdered in Mumbai Highrise

In Central Mumbai's Himalayan Heights, Pallavi Purkayastha was brutally attacked and murdered by a security guard, Sajjad Ahmad Mughal. Ms Purkayastha was stabbed and bleeding, but managed to escape the attacker and ran up and down the corridor for help. Unfortunately, no one answered her desperate calls for assistance.

Despite her efforts to escape, Ms Purkayastha was caught and dragged back into her flat by her assailant. A few hours later, her boyfriend found her dead with her throat slit. Investigations reveal that Mughal had been stalking Ms Purkayastha for two weeks and disconnected the power supply to her apartment when he knew her boyfriend was out.

When an electrician was called to fix the power supply, Mughal stole her house keys and re-entered her apartment half an hour later. He tried to rape her, and when she resisted, he overpowered her and stabbed her. Mughal then fled the scene, but was apprehended near Mumbai Central railway station. The police claim that the motive was perversion.

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