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Crime Patrol: 24-year-old girl’s body found in Panchkula (Episode 212, 213 on 15-16th Feb 2013)



The Inside Story

MLA Congress leader Ram Kumar Chaudhary from Doon constituency in Himachal Pradesh is accused of murdering Jyoti Rani, a 24-year-old woman who handled Chaudhary’s financial matters during Assembly elections. Jyoti's father, Buti Ram, filed a complaint against Chaudhary, stating that he was in regular contact with her and called her from SIM cards obtained with fake addresses and identities. Jyoti was found murdered at Sector 21 in Panchkula on November 21, 2011.

Investigations revealed that Chaudhary's original phone number was tracked close to the murder site on the day of the murder. All the numbers used by Chaudhary and the other accused and that of the girl had been switched off. After being booked for murder, the newly-elected legislator went underground. It's appalling to see people responsible for protecting the citizens themselves commit such crimes.

The Congress party should have taken decisive action against Chaudhary, but instead, it failed to disassociate him from the party. Even though the case is still ongoing, Chaudhary will likely become even more powerful in politics by the time it is resolved. This incident highlights the need for a more effective justice system that holds politicians accountable for their actions.

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