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Panchkula, Fri Nov 23 2012The body of a 24-year-old girl was found near Sector 5, Panchkula, after an unknown caller alerted the Police Control Room on Thursday morning.

The victim's face was badly smashed. A student identification card recovered from a bag found near the body established her identity.

According to police sources, Jyoti was murdered and then her body was thrown in Panchkula. A case was registered by the Panchkula Police on charge of murder after a complaint was filed by Buti Ram, father of the deceased.

Police officers said a handbag with clothes was recovered from near the body. Two mobile phones of Jyoti were reportedly missing.

Jyoti hailed from Hoshiarpur and was doing BEd at Shivalik Institute of Education and Research, Mohali. She had been living as a paying guest in Sector 21-B, Chandigarh, for the last six months. However, police officers said the parents of the deceased did not have a clue as to where Jyoti was staying and which course she was pursuing.

A police officer said three special teams had been constituted. While one team had been sent to Jyoti's native village in Hoshiarpur, the second team was investigating the case in Chandigarh and the third one was scanning the scene of crime. A post-mortem of the victim will be held on Friday.

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Raids were conducted by the Panchkula police in Punjab to recover Chaudhary’s mobile phones and nab his accomplices, Gurmeet, Dharampal and Paramjeet, on Saturday evening.

MLA RK Chaudhary comes out of the General Hospital in Panchkula, after a medical examination. A file photo
Panchkula, January 12
In another major development in the Jyoti murder case, the police today claimed to have recovered one of the two mobile phones of the deceased from Doon MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary. Both the mobile phones had been missing since the day Jyoti was murdered.

However, the police is tight-lipped about the place from where the victim’s mobile phone has been recovered. Sources said the cellphone had been recovered from Baddi.

The police had questioned the MLA about Jyoti’s mobile phones. Regarding his own cellphones, the MLA had told the police that he lost them on the day of election results when thousands of supporters thronged his residence at Sandholi, Baddi.

“One of the mobile phones of Jyoti has been recovered and the other still needs to be found,” a source said.

“The MLA informed us that on the day of election results, there was a huge rush at his residence with thousands of supporters thronging the house to greet him. He said not only his mobile phone but also his wife’s cellphone got misplaced in that rush,” said an officer of the Panchkula police.

The police today searched for Chaudhary’s mobile phones in Punjab where a high-profile leader had reportedly given him shelter.

The Panchkula police had recovered the car, which was reportedly used in the crime, from Chaudhary’s house on Thursday. However, the police is yet to find who actually used the car. The police had looked for major clues at a hotel in Baddi where Jyoti used to meet the accused quite often.

Chaudhary surrendered before a Panchkula court on Tuesday, the day he had to take the oath at a ceremony in the Assembly House in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. The Panchkula police had got the arrest warrants of four accused in the Jyoti murder case namely Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Gurmeet, Dharampal and Paramjeet. The other three have absconded.

Jyoti (24) was found murdered on November 22 in Panchkula. The deceased, who hailed from Hoshiarpur, was reportedly in touch with the MLA and the other accused. The post-mortem of the body has revealed that the girl recently underwent an abortion.

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Congress MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary involved in a Woman murder
Yet another case of shame and injustice towards Woman in India, this time a newly elected MLA Congress leader Ram Kumar Chaudhary from the Doon constituency in Himachal Pradesh is charged for murdering 24 year old Jyoti Rani. According to Jyoti’s father Buti Ram she was handling Chaudhary’s financial matters during Assembly elections.

Jyoti was found murdered at Sector 21 in Panchkula on November 21, 2011. Investigations have revealed that Ram Kumar Chaudhary was in regular touch with her and was calling her from SIM cards procured on fake addresses and identities. The SIM card dealer Asheeh Kumar confirmed that he issued the cards on fake addresses to Chaudhary, dealer has been living in Baddi, the same area to which the MLA belongs. Police said that the location of Chaudhary’s original number on the day of the murder had been tracked closer to the site where the girl was found murdered. All the numbers used by Chaudhary and the other accused and that of the girl had been switched off. After being booked in a murder the newly-elected legislator Ram Kumar Chaudhary has gone underground.

It’s really sad to see people responsible for protecting people are themselves committing such horrendous crime. The congress party should have come out in public and kicked out the tainted legislator from party and should have completely disassociated him, but why will they do such a bold act? Was it not known to the congress party that Chaudhary has murder case against him and he should not be allowed to contest using party’s ticket? It’s not yet proven that Chaudhary is the culprit and surely it will take another ten years to prove him guilty or most probably after few years he will be left for not enough evidences, by that time the case would be forgotten and Chaudhary would have become even more powerful with his arms deep rooted enough in the dirty political soil that nobody would dare point figures at him.

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