The Inside Story
Rajkot police solved a murder mystery as a married woman from Rupavati village in Jetpur taluka of Rajkot district who had faked her suicide and eloped with her lover, was spotted six months later. Police found the woman after her husband and brother-in-law went to jail for abetting her suicide.

Meena Khuman, 27, had killed her 90-year-old neighbour, who was living alone. Six months later, when Khuman was believed to have committed suicide by setting herself on fire, she was found by the police at Miti village in Junagadh district living with her lover Jesa Kadcha.

While she had begun a new life, her husband Harsur and brother-in-law Jairaj were sent to jail after her father Jilu Basia had registered a suicide case against them.

They were recently released on bail. Police investigation revealed that the body, which was recovered from her Rupavati residence, was of her 90-year-old neighbour Jivi Sagar, who was living alone in the nextdoor house.

"A complicated murder mystery has been solved,'' said Rajkot police, adding, "The police are yet to find whether her lover Kadcha had any involvement in the murder.''

On June 22, the said body of Khuman was found in backyard of their residence in charred condition.

Based on suicide case registered by Basia, the police arrested the Khuman brothers for the crime.

Meanwhile, Rupavati Sarpanch, after couple of days, had registered a complaint of the elder woman, Sagar going missing.

Recently, the police said they came to know that Khuman was alive and settled in Junagadh district. When police interrogated her, she confessed and unfolded the murder plot.

Khuman reportedly told the police that in the wee hours of June 22, when other family members had gone out of station, she on pretext of ill health called up Sagar at her place. She choked Sagar to death, dressed her body with her clothes and set it on fire, only to elope from her house.

"Her theory worked till police noticed that Sagar, her next door neighbour, has gone missing around same period," said police.

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