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Crime Patrol: ‘Killer’ lady in police net six months after her ‘suicide’ (Episode 209, 210 on 9th-10th Feb 2013)



The Inside Story

Rajkot Police solves murder mystery

Rajkot Police recently solved a murder mystery in Rupavati village, Jetpur taluka, Rajkot district. Meena Khuman, who was believed to have committed suicide by setting herself on fire, was found six months later in Miti village, Junagadh district, living with her lover Jesa Kadcha. Her husband and brother-in-law were sent to jail after her father registered a suicide case against them. Upon investigation, police found that Khuman had killed her 90-year-old neighbour Jivi Sagar, who was living alone in the next-door house.

Although Khuman had begun a new life, the police are yet to find out whether her lover Kadcha was involved in the murder. On June 22, Khuman allegedly choked Sagar to death, dressed her body with her own clothes, and set it on fire, only to elope with Kadcha. The police noticed that Sagar had gone missing around the same period Khuman was believed to have committed suicide.

It is unfortunate to see people committing such heinous crimes and escaping punishment for months. The case also reveals the failure of the police and judiciary system. This incident highlights the importance of a proper investigation and the need for an efficient legal system that ensures timely justice for victims and their families.

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