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Baby Sold On Facebook: Grandfather Arrested After Selling Newborn Grandson For $830 (Episode 247 on 17th May 2013)

The Inside Story

Ludhiana, Punjab

Grandfather Arrested for Selling Newborn Grandson on Facebook

A grandfather from Ludhiana city, Punjab, has been arrested after selling his newborn grandson on Facebook. Feroz Khan allegedly kidnapped his daughter Noori's son from the hospital after he was born and told her that her son had died. With the help of two temporary employees at the hospital, Khan arranged a deal on Facebook to sell his baby grandson for 45,000 rupees ($830). The newborn baby was sold to Amit Kumar of New Delhi.

After filing a police report that her son had been kidnapped, Noori's complaint led to an investigation. The grandfather of the child had struck a deal with a man in Delhi and had roped-in the nursing staff to smuggle the baby out of the nursing home. The baby was found at Facebook buyer Kumar’s Ranjit Nagar home on Tuesday and was ill and undergoing treatment at Sir Gangaram Hospital. The grandfather and the two temporary employees were arrested for their involvement, and the buyer from Delhi was booked.

The three face seven years in jail if convicted for kidnapping. Khan allegedly wanted his daughter, who divorced her husband last year, to get an abortion when she became pregnant. His plan to sell the baby on Facebook was apparently part of "a bid to facilitate the second marriage of his daughter," according to reports.

The incident has caused outrage and has raised concerns about the safety of newborn babies in hospitals in India. Social media has become a new platform for selling babies and child trafficking. According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 4,172 cases of human trafficking in India in 2019, and a majority of victims were children. The Indian government has taken some measures to combat trafficking, but a lot more needs to be done to prevent such heinous acts in the future.

Meanwhile, the infant is being treated in a hospital, and the investigation is ongoing.

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