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Crime Patrol: After losing Rs. 30 lakh in IPL betting, this MBA kidnapped and brutally killed his 13-year-old cousin

The Inside Story

MBA Graduate Kills Cousin After Failed Kidnapping Attempt in Mumbai

An MBA graduate in Mumbai, Himanshu Ranka, kidnapped his 13-year-old cousin, Aditya, hoping to recover Rs. 30 lakh, which he had lost in illegal betting during the ongoing Indian Premier League, from Aditya's affluent parents as ransom. When the parents of the boy informed the police, Ranka panicked and brutally killed Aditya instead.

Ranka called Aditya and asked him to collect the keys of his father's office. Later, the family received a ransom call, and Aditya's father approached the police. On his way back after meeting a senior police officer, Mr. Ranka discovered a pair of slippers that he had bought for Aditya from Dubai in a car that his nephew had hired from a friend. When alerted, the police seized the car and found bloodstains under its bonnet.

During interrogation, Himanshu confessed to the crime, revealing that he had hatched a conspiracy to kidnap Aditya as he was desperate for money. Himanshu's accomplice, Bijesh Sanghvi, took Aditya to different places and later slit his wrist, but when they found out that Aditya was still alive, they set him ablaze on dry grass in Panvel on the outskirts of Mumbai. The two men have been arrested and have confessed to the crime.

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