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Crime Patrol: Robbers kill farmer, rape his wife (Episode 275, 276 on 27th-28th July 2013)



The Inside Story

Twisted Plot: Woman Who Orchestrated Husband's Murder Ends up Being Raped by Hired Killers

In a shocking incident that unfolded in Polba, Hooghly, West Bengal, a woman's sinister plan to eliminate her husband took a dark turn when she became the victim of rape by the hired assailants. Krishna Chandra, a supporter of the Trinamool party, was attacked in his own home while his wife, with whom he owned fertile land, followed him to the toilet located outside the building. As Krishna opened the door, he was ambushed by four individuals, with two restraining him and the others targeting his wife.

After brutally slitting Krishna's throat, the criminals proceeded to sexually assault and gang rape his wife. While the victim did not initially disclose the rape to the police, medical examinations confirmed the sexual assault. The woman's involvement in the murder plot emerged during the investigation, with one of the criminals identified as Zico Pal, also known as Potla. It was revealed that Potla, who was involved in an illicit relationship with Krishna's wife despite being 14 years younger than her, orchestrated the murder to marry her.

Police uncovered the woman's infatuation with Potla and their secret meetings at her maternal home in Balagarh. Potla would even visit her house on a motorcycle in her husband's absence, spending private time together on the terrace. Following the arrest of the criminals involved in the attack, the woman eventually confessed her role in the conspiracy. The twisted tale unfolded, exposing a web of betrayal, obsession, and a tragic outcome that befell the very orchestrator of the sinister plan.

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