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Crime Patrol:Woman who tried to send Kanpur doctor's private parts to his wife confesses to his murder (Episode 292 on 8th Sep 2013)

The Inside Story

Woman Confesses to Brutal Murder of Doctor in Kanpur

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh: In a shocking development, a woman has surrendered herself at the Govind Nagar police station, confessing to the brutal murder of Dr. Satish Chandra. The doctor was found dead with his throat and genitals slit at a government guesthouse on July 21. The police were taken aback when a courier boy delivered a parcel the following day, containing male body parts linked to the murder.

Following their investigation, the police have arrested a 25-year-old woman named Preeti Balmiki for the crime. Preeti has admitted to the murder, claiming that Dr. Chandra had been physically and mentally exploiting her for the past 13 years and was now targeting her sister. She recounted the initial encounter when he came to their house to treat her sister and subsequently offered her a job at his clinic. Preeti alleges that he raped her and manipulated her with drugs.

Regarding the motive behind her act, Preeti expressed her frustration with Dr. Chandra's wife, stating that she tried to reach out to her but was rebuffed. In addition to her confession, Preeti explained that she mixed sedatives in his alcohol during their meeting at the guesthouse and then proceeded to slit his throat and genitals with a surgical knife.

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