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A 30-year-old criminal brutally murdered two innocent men to prove his own death in a failed attempt to mislead the police and force closure of criminal cases against him.

The accused, Gurnam Singh, defaced the first victim's face and cut his thumb. He also placed his identity-card inside the pocket of the victim. He burnt the second victim's body and left a suicide note in a 'desperate' attempt to prove himself dead.

However, Amritsar (rural) police was wise to the accused's 'perfect' planning and arrested Gurnam from Gharinda village on August 27.

Border Range inspector general RP Mittal said, "Recently, the police found a dead body near Attari. A case was registered on August 9 at the Gharinda police station. In the pocket of this dead body, the identity card and the mobile number of Gurnam Singh was found. One thumb of the victim had been slit."

As investigations picked up, family members of Gurnam Singh were called to identify the body. As they too were part of the conspiracy, they identified the body as Gurnam's.

However, despite the family's testimony, the apparent attitude of Gurnam's family and the fact that another person, Sandeep, a driver, had been reported as missing made the police wary of closing the case.

Later, Sandeep's family identified the body as their ward's through the footwear that the victim was wearing.

Investigations revealed that the body was not of Gurnam, but was indeed of driver Sandeep Singh, who had been hired by Gurnam, said the IG Mittal. Gurnam's family members were arrested for their part in a murder conspiracy.

Having got wind of his family's arrest, Gurnam managed to flee and came up with another plan to 'kill' himself. He murdered another innocent man and this time, even put a suicide note near the body.

"In yet another plan, Gurnam, along with some of his partners, lured a person from Ludhiana to come to Amritsar for a job and on the intervening night of August 15 and 16, murdered the man after a drinking binge. This time, the body was burnt. A fake suicide note, which purportedly stated that (Gurnam) was committing suicide because of fear of cases and also for a murder near Gharinda was also recovered."

However, the police also investigated this case and discovered that the body was not of Gurnam.

The police have arrested Gurnam's family members and a search was on to nab other who helped the accused.

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