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Crime Patrol: Boy run over, father tracks down 'killer' driver (Episode 320 on 13 Dec 2013)



The Inside Story

New Delhi

Father's Battle for Justice After Son's Tragic Hit-and-Run

Rakesh Singh, an industrial consultant from Gurgaon who frequently works in Saudi Arabia, had high hopes for his 16-year-old son, Akshay. He aspired to groom Akshay, a tall and promising swimmer, for national-level competitions, while Akshay had dreams of joining the defense services. However, tragedy struck last May during a marriage procession in Bijnor city when a speeding truck, loaded with 45 tonnes of illegal mining material, ran over Akshay. This incident marked the beginning of a father's relentless fight to hold his son's killer accountable and awaken an apathetic state.

This case sheds light on the countless innocent lives lost due to reckless truck drivers operating without valid licenses. Despite the police's lackluster response in investigating the incident beyond filing an FIR, Singh took matters into his own hands to track down the driver responsible. He immersed himself in the trucking community, dining at roadside dhabas and hitchhiking on trucks in Bijnor. Singh's determination paid off as he eventually identified the driver and obtained documented evidence of the driver's violations, including carrying an excessive load beyond the permitted limit of 15 tonnes.

Singh's pursuit of justice raises questions about the government's responsibility in enforcing road safety regulations and preventing such tragedies. He exposes the indifference of truckers, who show no remorse for causing the deaths of innocent individuals under their wheels, often driving without valid licenses. Singh's battle resulted in the arrest of the driver, Ravinder Kumar, although he was later granted bail. Singh seeks not only justice for his son but also accountability from the state for its failures in protecting innocent lives.


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