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Crime Patrol: Indian orphan forced to marry UAE national in Kerala (Episode 319, 320 on 6th, 7th Nov 2013)



The Inside Story

Kerala, India

Investigation Launched into Alleged Forced Marriage of Orphaned Teenage Girl

Indian authorities are currently investigating an alleged forced marriage involving an orphaned teenage girl and a UAE national who subsequently fled the country in secrecy. The incident, which took place in Kerala, has sparked outrage, with protests demanding the closure of the girl's orphanage led by the Democratic Youth Federation of India. The 17-year-old girl claims that she was coerced into the marriage by the authorities at the orphanage.

The State Human Rights Commission has ordered a thorough investigation into the matter. Commission member KE Gangadharan stated that the police and the state social welfare board have been instructed to determine the circumstances surrounding the foreign national's entry into the marriage. The commission aims to hold accountable those responsible for misleading the girl and her mother. The girl alleges that she was sexually exploited by her husband before he abruptly left the country after just 13 days.

The case highlights the importance of safeguarding the rights and welfare of vulnerable individuals, particularly those in orphanages. The investigation aims to uncover the truth behind this distressing incident and ensure that appropriate action is taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.


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