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Crime Patrol: Trafficked Ranchi girls rescued in Delhi, one held (Episode 381, 382 and 383 0n 13, 14, 15th June 2014)

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The Inside Story

Ranchi, Jharkhand

Rescue Operation: Trafficked Girls Rescued in Joint Effort by Police and NGO

In a coordinated effort between police teams from Ranchi, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh, along with an NGO, two trafficked girls from Ranchi were rescued in the Delhi-NCR region. The rescue operation took place at two locations, resulting in the liberation of the victims.

An 18-year-old girl was rescued from a house in Ghaziabad, where she had been working as domestic help. The victim revealed that she had been trafficked four years ago by Ravinder Kumar Rathi, also known as Akash Rathi, and his wife Fulkriya Rathi. The girl's employer would pay her monthly salary of Rs 2,700, which was handed over to Ravinder, but her parents never received any of the money.

The second victim, a 19-year-old girl, was rescued from the West Enclave area in Delhi. She also identified Ravinder as the trafficker who had exploited her six years ago. After being trafficked, she was kept at a placement agency called Goodwill Placement Agency for a night before being sent to work without any payment. Both girls were subjected to bonded labor and restricted from leaving the houses they worked in.

Ravinder, who has a history of trafficking cases, has been arrested by the Delhi Police. The rescue operation brings attention not only to the issue of trafficking but also to the problem of bonded labor. Calls for action have been made to hold the employers accountable for their involvement in these heinous crimes.


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