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Crime Patrol: A year on, ‘serial molester’ in police net (Episode 384 on 20th June 2014)

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Serial Molester Arrested: Notorious Offender Accused of Assaulting Minors

After a week-long operation involving a 50-member police team, Ayaz Ansari (32), a known drug addict, was apprehended by the DN Nagar police in Khar. Ansari, with a distinct limp and a missing eye, has been accused of molesting at least 25 minors across the city.

The arrest followed an investigation into CCTV footage related to two molestation incidents, which helped identify Ansari. Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria confirmed that Ansari has confessed to an additional 12 cases, apart from the ones already known. Ansari had a history of snatching cellphones from children to support his drug addiction and had previously been arrested for robbery and molestation.

An officer from the Crime Branch stated that while Ansari's initial intention was theft, he would also molest his victims when under the influence of drugs. The police traced Ansari's identity through CCTV footage from incidents in Vakola and Sion, capturing him clearly in the latter. Ansari's family members, who were questioned, revealed that he had been absent from home for six months.

The authorities are now seeking custody of Ansari for further investigation into the cases. His arrest brings relief to the city and may help provide justice to the victims of his heinous crimes.


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