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Crime Patrol: Diamond heist by duplicating bank locker keys (Episode 395 on 18 July 2014)

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Gang Duplicates Keys to Carry Out Diamond Heist Worth Over Rs. 4 Crore

In a surprising crime that has caught the attention of the police, a gang managed to duplicate locker keys, leading to a diamond heist worth over Rs. 4 crore. Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Himanshu Roy, revealed this unique modus operandi during a press conference. He acknowledged the possibility of similar thefts occurring in other banks in the city.

The gang of four individuals, including a real-estate dealer, a master locksmith, and two diamond merchants, was arrested and remanded to police custody. The expert locksmith successfully duplicated both the custodian key and customer keys, allowing them to steal diamonds from high-security vaults. The gang had been operating for the past three years, targeting the Bank of India's Opera House branch where diamond traders predominantly used the safety vaults.

The police plan to advise the Reserve Bank of India and other banks to enhance security measures in light of this heist. Investigations have revealed the meticulous craftsmanship, expertise, and patience involved in duplicating the keys based on indentations and scratches. The gang's success in executing such a sophisticated plan has left authorities astounded.


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