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Crime Patrol: Facebook reunited lost Sikkim boy to his uncle in Bangalore (Episode 389 on 4th July 2014)

The Inside Story

Bangalore, Karnataka

Facebook Reunites Lost Teenager with Family in Bangalore

Contrary to the belief that excessive time spent on social networking sites has no real-life benefits, the story of 17-year-old Sanjay proves otherwise. Sanjay, who had come to Bangalore for psychiatric treatment, went missing and found himself lost in the city streets. However, thanks to the help of Facebook, he was reunited with his uncle within two weeks.

Sanjay was discovered in a dire health condition by Nanda Kumar, a community worker based in Bangalore. He was living on the streets of Gandhi Nagar when Nanda Kumar rescued him on March 16. Sanjay was admitted to Jayanagar General Hospital, where he is currently undergoing medical treatment and gradually recovering.

Initially, Sanjay was unable to speak due to the trauma caused by his mental shock. However, with the pictures uploaded on Facebook by Nanda Kumar, the search for his family gained momentum. Within 48 hours, the post went viral, leading to the connection with Sanjay's uncle, Subbash Subba, who had been searching for him.

Nanda Kumar, known for his efforts in rehabilitating displaced children, expressed gratitude on Facebook for the support and wishes received, as the social networking site played a crucial role in bringing Sanjay's uncle to the hospital and reuniting the family.


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