The Inside Story
ome say spending-off much time on the social networking sites bear no fruits in real life, Guess it ain’t so anymore.

A perfect example of that is the story of 17-year-old Sanjay who had come to Bangalore for Psychiatric treatment and disappeared wandering off into the streets and lost his way back home yet reunited with his uncle in less than two weeks with Facebook’s help.

He was rescued by a Bangalore based community worker Nanda Kumar who found him in a pathetic health condition living in the streets of Gandhi Nagar in the city on March 16.

The good Samaritan, then later admitted him to Jayanagar General Hospital, where he is still undergoing medical treatment and recovering his health steadily.

The boy had suffered a grievous injuries on his nose, legs, foot & fore hands. Due to the trauma caused by an acute stress of mental shock, he was initially unable to speak and only murmur his name “Sanjay” when asked about him or his whereabouts in the beginning.

Sanjay with his rescuer and nobleman Nanda Kumar at Jayanagar General Hospital, Bangalore on March 20

Subbash Subba, his uncle who lives in Bangalore had filed an FIR a few days ago and began his search for the nephew but to no luck.

Thanks to his pictures uploaded on Facebook by Nanda Kumar, who turned to the popular social networking site on March 17 to help him find his parents/or relatives. The post went viral and he was connected again with his uncle in 48 hours.

Sanjay-in-the-streets-of-BangaloreAnnouncing the miraculous news, Nanda Kumar posting the following on his Facebook profile, “Facebook has brought Sanjays uncle here to the Hospital… after one of his Prakash of Gangtok who had seen the pics on FB informed him about SANJAYs whereabouts… Thank you friends for all the wishes & support you gave to Sanjay”.

Nanda Kumar is a Buddhist by birth and has helped rehabilitate many Tibetans, and other displaced and runaway children.

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