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Crime Patrol: 14-year-old Orissa schoolgirl sets herself on fire as her parents couldn't afford pencils and notebooks (Episode 415 on Sep 13th 2014)

The Inside Story
Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Tragic Suicide of 14-Year-Old Girl Unable to Afford School Supplies

Jayanti, a 14-year-old girl from Aska Town in Ganjam district, Odisha, took her own life due to the inability of her impoverished parents to afford basic school supplies. Despite her passion for learning and repeated requests, Jayanti's parents, who were struggling financially, could not provide her with pencils and notebooks before her school reopened on June 23. The tragic incident occurred while her parents were away, and Jayanti, feeling distressed by the delay, doused herself in kerosene and set herself on fire, sustaining severe burn injuries.

Jayanti had recently been promoted to the seventh grade and was known for her dedication to studying. Her father, a daily wage worker, had three other young children to care for and had recently suffered a paralytic stroke, leaving him mostly bedridden. Jayanti's mother, who worked as a domestic helper, did her best to manage the household with her meager earnings.

The heartbreaking suicide has shed light on the challenges faced by many underprivileged families in providing even the most basic necessities for their children's education. It serves as a reminder of the urgent need for support systems and initiatives to ensure that all children have access to the resources they require to pursue their educational aspirations.


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