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Crime Patrol: FIR against bank manager in loan scam (Episode 416, 417 on 13th, 14th Sep 2014)



The Inside Story
Uttar Pradesh

Bank manager arrested for fraudulent loans in the names of deceased and farmers

A bank manager in Bhojpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been apprehended by the crime branch for obtaining loans under the names of deceased individuals and farmers for personal gain. Lalit Kumar Singhal, employed at Syndicate Bank, manipulated forms, acted as the guarantor, and successfully secured the loans. He then withdrew the funds and utilized the money for personal expenses, including petrol pumps, tractor showrooms, and property purchases, as per Amarujala's report.

According to sources, Singhal managed to secure loans totaling Rs 50,000 in the names of various farmers. The fraudulent activities were uncovered when the victims started receiving notices from the bank, prompting them to approach the crime branch to lodge complaints. One of the victims, Mahesh, stated that he had never taken a loan from the bank and was surprised to receive the notice. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that several others had encountered similar issues.

The bank manager's arrest sheds light on the extent of the fraudulent scheme and the need for tighter measures to prevent such incidents in the future.


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