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Crime Patrol: Man kills friend,his mother for ‘money rain’ (Episode 424 on 11th Oct 2014)

The Inside Story

Pune, Maharashtra

Man Arrested for Human Sacrifice of Friend and Mother for "Money Rain"

A 28-year-old man, Sunil Baban Pachange, has been arrested by the Pune rural police for allegedly performing a human sacrifice of a woman and her son in the belief that it would bring him abundant wealth. The victims, Dhananjay Jagtap (22) and his mother Durgabai (50), resided in Balut Ali, Chakan.

According to the police, Sunil confessed to carrying out the murders on the instructions of a self-proclaimed "godman" who promised him wealth in return. Sunil revealed that the godman instructed him to kill two individuals on specific dates, which were April 18 and April 20. Sunil admitted to meeting the godman but refused to disclose his identity.

Dhananjay, who was Sunil's close friend, expressed his resentment towards his mother's behavior and expressed a desire to kill her. The two planned to carry out the murder in Lonavla. On April 18, Sunil took Dhananjay to Lonavla to demonstrate their plan, but instead, he tied Dhananjay with a rope and killed him with an iron rod. Later, on April 20, Sunil lured Durgabai to Chakan under the pretext of visiting a temple, where he slit her throat and disposed of her body in a well.

Sunil has been remanded in police custody till May 24. The investigation is ongoing to determine the involvement of any other individuals in the case.


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