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Six months after a double murder in local Azad Nagar wherein a woman and her alleged ‘criminal’ paramour were found dead under mysterious circumstances on January 18 this year, the city police claim to have solved the case by arresting two people, including the husband of the deceased.

Sushil Joshi (42) and Mahinder Singh alias Titu (52), a resident of Kartar Nagar, were murdered at Joshi’s house. In a press conference on Thursday, police commissioner Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh said police had arrested Resham Singh (47) of Phagwara and Rajesh Joshi (45), Sushil’s husband.

Singh claimed the accused Resham conspired to kill his brother Jagir Singh in connivance with Mahinder Singh Titu (deceased) with the sole motive of claiming insurance worth `3.5 crore.

The police commissioner said Jagir was killed in the Kanhuwan area of Gurdaspur in a planned hit and run case by a heavy vehicle and after the death of his brother, Resham started claiming the insurance amount by getting a case of death due to negligence registered in the Kanwan police station.

Singh said in the meantime, Titu started claiming his share for killing Jagir, even after he was paid `5 lakh by Resham. He said that on January 18 this year, Resham called Titu to Joshi’s house saying he wanted to give his remaining share.

After reaching Joshi’s house, Resham took out Titu’s weapon and opened fire on him.

After hearing the sound of gunshot, Sushil came outside and was also shot dead. The police said Sushil’s husband Rajesh was involved in the conspiracy.

Despite the police claiming to solve the double murder case, several questions remain unanswered.

The police are yet to get the report of gunpowder, find who killed Jagir, and which vehicle was used in the hit and run case along with other issues.

In the preliminary investigations, police had claimed Titu probably fired three shots from his country-made pistol at Sushil after a heated argument between the two before shooting himself.

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2 held for murder of woman, paramour 
Jalandhar, July 24
In the six-month-old murder case in which a woman and her paramour were found dead under mysterious circumstances at the woman’s residence in Azad Nagar, the Jalandhar Police Commissionerate today claimed to have solved the case with the arrest of two accused.

One of the accused is the husband of a deceased woman.

In the sensational double murder case, two persons, Sushil Joshi of Azad Nagar and her paramour Mahinder Singh Titu of Model House, were found murdered in the house of Rajesh on January 18.

The arrested accused have been identified as Resham Singh (47) of Phagwara and Rajesh Joshi (45) of Azad Nagar. Rajesh is the husband of Sushil Joshi. He was also involved in the murder conspiracy with Resham.

Police Commissioner Jalandhar, Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, said during investigation, it had come to the fore that Resham had hatched a conspiracy to kill his brother Jagir Singh with the motive to get a whopping insurance amount of Rs 3.5 crore.

Resham hired Mahinder Singh Titu as Supari killer and assured him to pay Rs 10 lakh for killing his brother Jagir. On May 30, 2013, Resham had specially bought a tipper truck to get his brother killed in a hit-and-run case. He also gave Rs 5 lakh advance to Titu for killing Jagir. Titu had crushed Jagir to death in the Kanhuwan area of Gurdaspur.

Following the incident, Jagir’s brother Resham got a case of death due to negligence registered at the Kanwan police station. After he started the process of claiming insurance amounts, the police got to know about the conspiracy he conspired.

Supari killer Titu, who was only paid half the amount, started pressurising Resham to pay the remaining amount. On January 18, 2014, Resham decided to pay the remaining Rs 5 lakh to Titu, at his (Sushil) paramour Sushil’s house in Azad Nagar.

Resham, who had to visit Azad Nagar to clear the payment, had already hatched a conspiracy to kill Titu. After Resham entered Sushil’s house, he shot dead Titu and later also shot dead his paramour Sushil, as she had witnessed the killing of Titu. The Police Commissioner said further investigation was on in the case.

Now in the hit-and-run case in which Jagir was killed would also be reopened and murder trial is likely in the case.

The casea On January 18, 2014, a middle-aged woman and her “paramour” were found dead under mysterious circumstances at the woman’s residence in Azad Nagar. The man had a bullet injury on his head, while the woman had three gun shots on her face. The police had then suspected that both Sushil and Titu had shot each other. Then even the senior police officials had said that it seemed that the man had first shot the woman and then shot himself dead.

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