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Crime Patrol: Police claim to have solved six-month-old double murder case, questions remain (Episode 425, 426 on 18, 19 Oct 2014)

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Jalandhar, Punjab

Police claim to have solved six-month-old double murder case

In the six-month-old murder case of a woman and her alleged criminal partner found dead under mysterious circumstances in Azad Nagar, Jalandhar, the police claim to have solved the case by arresting two people, including the deceased woman's husband. Sushil Joshi (42) and Mahinder Singh alias Titu (52) were found dead at Joshi's house on January 18. Police commissioner Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh said that Resham Singh (47) of Phagwara and Rajesh Joshi (45), Sushil's husband, were arrested in connection with the murders.

According to Singh, Resham conspired with Mahinder Singh Titu to kill his brother Jagir Singh to claim a 3.5 crore rupee insurance policy. Resham had Jagir killed in a planned hit-and-run in Gurdaspur, after which he registered a case of death due to negligence to claim the insurance amount. Meanwhile, Titu demanded more money for his role in the murder. On January 18, Resham called Titu to Joshi's house to give him his remaining share. However, Resham took out Titu's weapon and shot him. When Sushil heard the gunshot, she went outside and was also shot dead. The police claimed that Sushil's husband Rajesh was involved in the conspiracy.

Despite the police's claim of solving the double murder case, several questions remain unanswered, including who killed Jagir, the results of the gunpowder report, and which vehicle was used in the hit-and-run case, among other issues. The police's preliminary investigations suggested that Titu had fired three shots from his pistol at Sushil after a heated argument before shooting himself.


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