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Crime Patrol: Dismembered body found in U'khand identified (Episode 445, 446 on 13th, 14th Dec 2014)



The Inside Story

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Body of Missing Compounder Found Dismembered

The dismembered body of 25-year-old Vijay Pal Gangwar, a compounder in a private clinic, was found in Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, on September 8. The family of the victim, based in Bareilly, identified the body. The police suspect that the second body found alongside Gangwar's could be that of his lover, Nisha Sharma, a nurse who worked in the same hospital, but have not yet identified her. Both bodies were naked, headless, with chopped off arms and legs. The private parts of the male victim were smashed. While the man's torso was found near the Nagar Sagar Dam, the woman's was recovered from hedges nearby. The hands and legs that had been chopped off were packed in a separate polythene bag. The heads of the man and woman were found four kilometers away from the dam. Gangwar and Sharma, who were already married and had children from their previous marriages, had entered into a live-in relationship. After working in a hospital in Izzat Nagar, they shifted to Banwasa in Champawat district of Uttarakhand. The couple had gone missing after an altercation with the doctor who employed them. Police suspect that the crime was well-planned and are probing all angles.

The police said that Gangwar's mobile phone had been unreachable since August 26, and both phones had been switched off since then. Gangwar's wife, who was aware of his affair with Sharma, had not separated from him. Although the police have found that Sharma was a divorcee with a three-year-old daughter, no one has turned up from her family yet.

While the initial probe has raised more questions than answers, the police are determined to solve the case. "The bodies were recovered in Uttarakhand, so the ball is now in the court of Uttarakhand police, who are probing all angles," said the Bareilly SP Rajeev Malhotra. SSP Ridhim Aggarwal of Udham Singh Nagar added that the crime appeared to be well-planned, and the phones of the victims had been switched off for a month before they were killed.


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