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Crime Patrol: Man kills 8-year-old daughter over homework (Episode 447 on 19th Dec 2014)

The Inside Story

Bangalore, Karnataka

Father Kills Daughter Over Homework

A father in Bangalore was arrested after he killed his eight-year-old daughter with a rolling pin. The father became furious when his daughter was unable to answer questions during her homework revision. He admitted to the police that he was provoked into hitting his daughter, and the mother has been arrested for abetting him in the act.

The man was acquitted in the dowry harassment and murder case of his first wife who committed suicide in 2006. The police suspect that the murder of his daughter was premeditated and not done in a fit of rage. The father had a two-year-old daughter from his second wife and relatives allege that he hated the sight of his eight-year-old daughter from his first wife.

According to a cousin of the father, he was a sadist who often hit the girl. He hated her, and they had asked him to give them the child so that they could take care of her. The father enrolled Neha in a private English medium school in Bangalore after he brought her from her grandparent's place in Shimoga, two months ago.

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