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Crime Patrol: Kumbalgodu police said that they have solved a murder of a 58-year-old man Amanulla (Episode 467, 468 on 6th, 7th Feb 2015)

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Two Sons Arrested for Murder of Father in Kumbalgod

Kumbalgodu police have arrested two brothers, Javed Pasha (22) and Akram Pasha (20), for murdering their father, Amanulla, a doctor. The incident was reported on November 26 when the brothers filed a police complaint stating that their father was found dead at their stepmother’s house in Bhuvaneshwarinagar near Kumbalgod. However, during the investigation, police found out that the two sons had strangled their father to death.

Javed confessed to the crime and said that they killed Amanulla as he was not taking care of their mother and refused to give them money or property to run the family. The police said the brothers had a family dispute with their father, which led them to commit the murder. They have been taken into custody, and further investigations are ongoing. READ MORE
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