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JAIPUR: Criminals, it is believed, commit one major goof-up and overconfidence usually gets them trapped. And it was no exception in the case in which Harmara police had found a skeleton near Sewapura village on November 2. The police arrested three persons on Tuesday, including a customs superintendent posted at Jaipur, a contract killer and the wife of deceased.

On November 2, police had found a skeleton and suspected it to be that of a constable of customs department.

The deceased was identified as Mahendra Meena (50) on the basis of an identity card which was also recovered from the spot.

While the policemen were planning to conduct a DNA test, they stumbled upon some alarming clues which helped them crack the case.

Even senior police officers were stunned to see how the drama unfolded. The real life thrill and suspense was no less than a masala-packed Hindi flick.

"The deceased's wife Santosh (45) had lodged a missing complaint of her husband on May 9, the day when he "went missing". However, she had mentioned a mobile number which belonged to Kailash Meena (45) who is a customs superintendent posted in Jaipur. That confused us and also became a major suspicion," said Kailash Bishnoi, deputy commissioner of police (West) while talking to TOI on Tuesday.But this was sufficient to nab Kailash Meena. Bishnoi said, "Relatives told us that Mahendra's son-in-law Kailash was having an illicit relation with the deceased's (Mahendra's) wife. And this had strained the relationship between Mahendra and his wife. The kith and kin also said that they had seen Mahendra with Kailash last on May 9. Thus, Kailash was taken into custody and was thorougly interrogated," Bishnoi said.

Kailash's version was not only stunning, it had all the ingredients of a pot-boiler. "He said on May 9, he took Mahendra to see a plot of land at Suncity on the Sikar road. He had also brought a contact killer Ali Mohammed (55) and also paid him Rs 5 lakh. Both strangulated Mahendra and dumped the body at an isolated place near Sewapura in Harmara police station area," Bishnoi added.

"After a few months, when the threesome, including Kailash Meena, Ali Mohammed and Santosh thought that they were not in the suspect list and could lead a normal life. However, their over confidence did them in. Santosh told Kailash that she needed to get Mahendra's widow pension after her husband's death, but had no proof of his death. Mahendra till then was reportedly missing," Bishnoi added.

"In a bid to prove Mahendra's death, Kailash and Ali went to the spot and dug out the decomposed body and placed an identity card in the pocket to prove the identity and left the mortal remains scattered. On November 2, when we found the skeleton, we were surprised to see that body completely decomposed but the identity card was intact. This led us to suspect their narrated version," he added. This new twist, added misery for the trio. The police arrested all the three, including Kailash Meena, Santosh and Ali Mohammed. "Ali and Kailash are booked for murder while the Santosh has been arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy," Bishnoi added.

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A woman along with her brother-in- law and another man was arrested today for allegedly killing her husband, a constable with the customs department whose skeleton was recently found in a sack in a village near here.

Skeletal remains of Mahendra Kumar Meena, 47, was found in a sack on an isolated plot of land in Sewapur Village near here on November 2.

"Mahendra's wife Santosh was having an illicit relationship with her brother-in-law Kailash Meena, a superintendent in customs department. When Mahendra got to know, he raised objections following which Santosh and Kailash decided to kill him," DCP West Kailash Chand Vishnoi said.

"The duo hired Ali Mohammad of Uttar Pradesh for Rs five lakh to eliminate him. Under a conspiracy, Kailash took Mahendra to an isolated area where Ali, who was waiting at the spot, strangulated him. They dumped the body there. Few days back, Kailash along with Ali collected the skeletal remains and threw them in an isolated area," he said.

The officer said activities of Kailash were found suspicious during investigations and he was detained.

"During interrogation he confessed to the crime. All the accused have been arrested," he said.

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