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Crime Patrol: Missing family of five found buried on school premises (Episode 501, 502 on 1st, 2nd May 2015)

Part 1

Part 2
The Inside Story

Cadapa, Andhra Pradesh, Feb 2015:

Family of five found murdered; bodies buried in school campus

The highly decomposed bodies of a family of five, who had gone missing one-and-a-half years ago, were discovered buried on the premises of Zion English medium school in Kadapa today. The district officials exhumed the bodies. The case dates back to February 2013, when K Krupakar, the family head and correspondent of the school, allegedly killed his wife Mounika. Krupakar, who later committed suicide, was helped by his close aide, Ramanjul Reddy, to bury his wife's body on the school campus. He hired contract killers to murder the man whom he suspected of having an affair with his deceased wife. Krupakar also killed his three children and buried their bodies on the school premises.

It is not clear why he killed the children. Krupakar's father, K Rajaratnam Isaac, who is the chairman of Zion College and Zion English Medium High School, had reportedly told Mounika's mother Sujatha that the family had gone abroad, though he was aware of the killings and burial of the bodies. Sujatha had filed a complaint to trace the family, following which the police formed a special team. According to sources, Issac was admitted in a Chennai-based hospital and is likely to be arrested soon.

The Kadapa SP, Naveen Gulati, said that Krupakar had killed his wife on suspicion of her having an extramarital affair. The deceased are Krupakar, Mounika and their children, Angel (8), Pavitra (4) and Raju (6). Reddy is also among the dead.

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