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Crime Patrol: Woman held for murdering brother in Palghar (Episode 556, 557 on 12th, 13th Sep, 2015)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Unemployed Man Killed by Sister and Her Paramour

An unemployed man was allegedly killed by his sister and her paramour on the Mumbai Ahmedabad national highway at Kasa in Palghar district. Jaykrishna Nair was strangulated, set on fire and dumped on the highway on July 12. His sister Kavita (35), who works for a private firm in Mumbai and her paramour Ram Jadhav (40), an auto rickshaw driver have been arrested. A contract killer Pravin Misal has also been arrested. Misal had dropped his cellphone near the body on the day of the murder. The cellphone led the cops to the killers.

The siblings stayed at Powai. Jaykrishna was against Kavita's relationship with Jadhav, who was a much married man. Kavita is a divorcee.

On July 12, Kavita told her brother that a job interview was waiting for him in Ahmedabad. They decided to take the road. When they reached Modgaon in Kasa, they strangulated Jaykrishna. They even slit his neck using a knife. They then took the body to a desolate spot on the highway and burnt it with petrol. The Kasa police were informed about an unidentified body.

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