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The examining doctor of the physically challenged woman from Nepal, who was brutally raped and murdered in Haryana, this month, said that he had never seen such a horrific case in his 30-year-long career.

"I have never seen such a horrific case in 30 years. The injuries suggest she was hit on the head with a heavy object, became partly unconscious and was then gang-raped. Animals and rodents had eaten bits of the body," said S.K. Dattarwal, who headed the post-mortem examination, NDTV reported.

The 28-year-old woman, who was living with her sister in Rohtak, was reported missing on Feb. 1. Three days later, her mutilated body was found dumped in a field near Bahu Akbarpur village on the Rohtak-Hisar highway. The post-mortem report said that objects had been shoved into her body. Doctors of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) in Rohtak said that stones, condoms and blades were found inside her. Some of her internal organs were missing.

Dattarwal, who heads the forensic medicines department at PGIMS, also said that "There was a 16cm long and 4cm wide stick-like article in her vagina. We presume that a longer stick was used and it may have broken inside her. We also found a number of condoms in her vagina."

Meanwhile, Director-General of Police, Y.P. Singhal, said that eight men had been arrested in connection with the case, and the ninth suspect had committed suicide by consuming tablets at Bavana on the Rohtak-Delhi border. "The case has been cracked and eight youths out of total nine have been arrested from Gaddikhera village, some nine kms from Rohtak," he said.

The Haryana police, however, has been criticised for failing to pursue the case with urgency after the woman was reported missing on Feb. 1. The Indian Express reported that the victim's sister, a domestic help, who has lived in Rohtak for 20 years, said that the local police ignored their requests for a probe and did nothing for three days.

“We went around asking neighbours. Our relative’s 12-year-old son told us he had seen her going towards the main road. He is too young, and not knowing she was under treatment, did not inform any one of us,” the sister said.

“We want the culprits to be hanged. This is not just about my sister. It’s about every daughter and daughter-in-law. But the police investigation is too slow,” she said.

The gruesome nature of the rape has reminded many of the Delhi Gang Rape, two years ago, in which the victim was brutally assaulted with an iron rod in a moving bus. She died after battling her injuries for two weeks. As the details of the rape emerged, local protests were staged in Rohtak to demand justice for the victim.

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The 28-year-old’s body was found on Wednesday, missing her heart and lungs, with sticks, stones, and condoms stuffed into her sex organs, and her face eaten by animals.

Reports from multiple news agencies state that a group of unidentified men attacked, raped, and then murdered a 28-year-old mentally challenged woman on Feb. 1, 2015.

The attack reportedly took place at Bahu Akbarpur in Haryana’s Rohtak district, and the woman’s body was found on Wednesday, missing key organs, according to the police. Reports also state that there were sticks, stones, and condoms stuffed into her private parts, presumably during the attack.

The police also added that the victim’s body was already decomposing when the autopsy was conducted on Thursday.

In a Times of India report, Dr. S. K. Dhatterwal, the forensic department head of the medical centre conducting the autopsy, explained that he had collectively supervised or conducted more than 30,000 autopsies, “but has never seen such brutality in his 29-year career.”

He goes on to say, in the TOI report,

“Her face was eaten by animals; her lungs and heart were found missing. Also, her skull had fractured and there were injury marks on both her thighs and chest.”

Doctors took five hours to conduct the autopsy. “There was a 16cm long and 4cm wide stick-like article in her vagina. We presume that a longer stick was used and it may have broken inside her. We also found a number of condoms in her vagina,” said Dhatterwal.

The victim was reportedly from Nepal’s Vardia district, and had arrived in Rohtak a few months ago, to visit her sister.

The police still have no information on the identities of the rapists. Rohtak SP Shashank Anand said,

“We have constituted an SIT to track down the perpetrators,” he said. “We have put our best investigators on the job.”

“It is a blind case of rape and murder… We are conducting a scientific probe considering all possible angels.”

The police have registered the case, under various sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC), including murder, rape and unnatural sexual act, and destruction of evidence. The investigation is ongoing, and a Rs 1 lakh reward has been announced, for anyone who has any information about the brutal crime.
On Sunday, February 8, the police claimed to have received vital information about the case, ADGP (law and order) Muhammad Akil said the “culprits will soon be arrested.”

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