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Crime Patrol: MOTHER DROWNS 8-MONTH-OLD BABY IN WASHING MACHINE IN KERALA (Episode 162 on 9th June, 2015)

Cherthala, Kerala

Mother Drowns Infant Son in Washing Machine

A 40-year-old woman, Suma, drowned her eight-month-old baby in a washing machine at her home in Cherthala. The woman, who had been undergoing psychiatric treatment for a few months, surrendered herself to the police and confessed to the crime.

Suma revealed that she committed the act while her husband was away at work, and her elder daughter was at her grandparent's house. The body of the baby was discovered by the police, who broke into the locked house after being alerted by the woman's confession.

The police said that Suma would be presented before the magistrate later in the day. Neighbors have revealed that Suma had always kept to herself and had reportedly attempted suicide a few months ago.

Although the motive behind the murder remains unclear, the woman's psychiatric treatment history suggests a possible link. The incident has caused widespread shock and disbelief in the local community.


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