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Crime Patrol: a fraud man marriage with 62 woman arrested in bihar (Dial 100 Episode 176 on 27th June, 2016)

Bihar's conman held in marrying multiple times and making first night video

The Inside Story

New Delhi, India

Man Poses as Railway Employee and Marries 62 Women, Caught by Police

Luck ran out for a 35-year-old man in India, who posed as a railway employee and conned over 62 women into marrying him. Mohammad Sijam had an obsession with marriage and went as far as changing his name, religion, and profession in different cities to disguise himself from the bride's family members.

After 15 girls approached the police, claiming Sijam as their spouse, he was caught in Vaishali district. Sijam most often impersonated as Railway Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) and even had a TTE uniform, walkie-talkie, multiple sim cards, mobile phones, and porn CDs in his possession. He went to railway platforms in the TTE uniform to gain the confidence of the girls' families.

Sijam had tricked 62 girls and their families into believing that he was a genuine and well-settled man. He even changed his religion, masquerading as a Hindu to suit the girl he intended to marry. Sijam went about marrying girls in different cities, changing his appearance from time to time to avoid getting caught. One girl accused Sijam of trying to elope with her minor sister when she refused to marry him. Sijam has admitted to marrying only ten times and divorcing most of them, and only three to four girls remain married to him.


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