LUCKNOW: It could well be called a deal gone awry when an elderly man, who had hired contract killers to kill his wife, became the target of their wrath himself.

The assailants allegedly killed the man when he refused to pay the amount promised to them for killing his wife. The contract killers fled after killing both husband and wife and also looted the house for valuables.

The decomposed bodies of Kallu Neta, 65, and his second wife Firdaus Fatima, 45, were found locked inside their house in Kakori’s Barawankhurd village on Monday evening. The postmortem examination confirmed that the couple was smothered to death at least three days before recovery of the bodies. Police suspected involvement of an insider in the crime but the probe revealed startling facts after arrest of four contract killers in the case. According to cops, the contract killers revealed that Kallu himself had conspired to kill his wife as he suspected her involvement in some illegal activities.

“Musheer, Kallu Takla, Guddu and Saddam, all residents of Kakori have confessed their involvement in the double murder,” said A Satish Ganesh, inspector general (IG) of police Lucknow Zone.
According to a sub-inspector of Kakori police station, the accused alleged that Kallu Neta had promised to give them around ` 1 lakh for killing his wife. Neta also helped them enter the house in the night on March 25 when Firdaus Fatima had slept.

However, the accused got annoyed when Neta paid them only ` 40,000 after killing Fatima and asked to pay the remaining amount later. This led to a verbal duel and angry over the issue, the contract killers smothered Neta to death and fled after collecting some valuables from the house.

The cops, however, believe the accused were still concealing some crucial facts about the sequence of crime, as they were giving contradictory statements over reasons behind killing Neta. The SI said the assailants were further being quizzed to clarify the reason behind Neta’s murder.

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