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Crime Patrol: गुजरात का स्टोन किलर अरेस्ट, पुलिस इंस्पेक्टर ने GAY बनकर पकड़ा (Episode 708, 709 on 10th, 11th Sep, 2016)

Rajkot ‘Stone Killer’ Arrested for 3 Murders, Labourer Held for Fourth

A series of brutal murders that took place in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, has finally been solved by the city police. The killer, known as the ‘stone killer,’ used to drive an autorickshaw in Rajkot but fled to Jamnagar after committing the third murder in June. The police have arrested Hitesh Ramavat from Jamnagar, who confessed to the crimes. They have also arrested a laborer for a similar murder.

The series of murders began on April 20 when a tea seller was hammered to death with a stone near Bhaktinagar railway station. The killer then bludgeoned autorickshaw driver Pravin Barad and Vallabh Rangani on separate occasions using a heavy stone. The police released CCTV footage and sketches of a man walking alongside Rangani, who was identified as Ramavat. A reward of Rs 2 lakh was announced for his capture.

Earlier, Sandip alias Suresh Mokariya, a casual laborer, was arrested for murdering Dhirajlal Vikani at a bus stop in Shapar-Veraval area. Mokariya had a scuffle with Vikani three nights before the murder and used a heavy stone to kill him in the early hours of Thursday. Mokariya is also facing trial for a murder he committed in Porbandar four years ago, as well as cases under the Prohibition Act.

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