राजकोट.पूरे गुजरात में आतंक मचाने वाले स्टोन किलर को पुलिस ने शुक्रवार रात अरेस्ट कर लिया। वह एक और मर्डर करने वाला था, लेकिन इससे पहले ही उसे पकड़ लिया गया। स्टोन किलर की पहचान हितेश दलपत रामावत के रूप में हुई है। आरोपी समलैंगिक है। पुलिस ने इसे पकड़ने के लिए गे बनकर ही सर्च ऑपरेशन चलाया। अब इसके 3 साथियों की तलाश है। 1200 पुलिसकर्मियों की टीम की गई थी तैयार...

- राजकोट पुलिस कमिश्नर अनुपम सिंह गहलोत ने बताया कि हितेश को पकड़ने के लिए 1200 से अधिक पुलिसकर्मियों की टीम तैयार की गई थी।
- पुलिस ने इसे अरेस्ट करने के लिए गे और भिखारी बनकर सर्च ऑपरेशन चलाया।
- इसी दौरान अहमदाबाद के एक इंस्पेक्टर पीयूष पिरोजिया को हितेश पर शक हुआ।
- पिरोजिया खुद भी गे बनकर इसकी तलाश में जुटे थे।
- हितेश पिछले 6 महीनों से जामनगर के बेडी गांव की एक खोली में रह रहा था।
- स्वभाव से झगड़ालू होने के चलते उसके भाई ने उसे घर से निकाल दिया था।
- हितेश ने पढ़ाई बीच में ही छोड़ दी थी, लेकिन उसे पढ़ने की आदत थी।
तीन मर्डर की बात कबूली
- हितेश का पहला शिकार सागर मेवाड़ा था।
- राजकोट में 20 अप्रैल को मेवाड़ा, 25 मई को प्रवीण भाई बारड और 2 जून को प्रवीण भाई रंगाणी का मर्डर हुआ।
- तीनों मवड़ी क्षेत्र के ही रहने वाले थे। तीनों का मर्डर पत्थर से सिर कुचलकर किया गया।
- पूछताछ में हितेश ने ‘गे’ होने और पत्थर से इन तीनों का मर्डर करने की बात कबूल की है।
- उसके पास 22 मोबाइल फोन भी बरामद हुए है। मर्डर करने के बाद वह जामनगर चला जाता था।
- स्टोन किलर को पकड़ने के लिए पुलिस ने 18 संदिग्ध लोगों की लिस्ट तैयार की थी।
- दो दिनों से पुलिस जामनगर में डेरा डालकर हितेश की एक्टिविटीज पर नजर रख रही थी।
चचेरे भाई ने दी थी जानकारी
- हितेश पर पुलिस ने दो लाख रुपए का इनाम रखा था।
- उसके बारे में पुलिस को जानकारी उसके चचेरे भाई ने दी थी।
- यह भी चर्चा है कि हितेश अपने तीन गे साथियों के साथ रिक्शे पर बैठकर शिकार ढ़ूंढता था।
- पुलिस अब उसके तीन साथियों की तलाश में जुटी है।

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Rajkot ‘stone-killer’ had sex with two of his victims: Police

Hitesh Dalpat Ramavat, the alleged serial killer who had murdered three persons in the city since April, had sex with two of the victims before stoning them to death, police said on Saturday.
Ramavat, 30, arrested from Jamnagar on Friday, had earned the sobriquet “stone-killer” as he killed the victims by hitting them on head with a stone.

Sagar Mewada, his first victim, was killed on April 20, followed by Pravin Barad (May 23) and Vallabh Rangani (June 2).

“We have found trace of semen on the bodies of two victims, which showed he had sexual intercourse with them before killing them,” city police commissioner Anupamsinh Gehlot said.

“He was planning to kill more people with the intention of robbing them,” said Gehlot.

“Around 12 years ago, an unidentified person sexually abused Ramavat and offered him money for it. Following this, he started indulging in homosexual activity, primarily for earning money,” Gehlot said at a press conference here.

“When he could not get enough money any longer this way, he started looting his targets and killed them.

“He informed the family members of the victim (using the victim’s mobile phone) about the murder,” the commissioner said, adding that (information) helped police in tracing his movements.
Ramavat did not suffer from any mental disorder and was “mentally fit,” Gehlot said.
He had confessed to bludgeoning three persons to death with stone and also to one unsuccessful murder attempt, Gehlot said.

“We had made a sketch of the suspect from eyewitness accounts and CCTV footage. We received some crucial information from public after we released that sketch. Our investigation also revealed that the culprit exhibited abnormal behaviour and mannerisms,” said Gehlot.

“Based on this information, we zeroed in on Ramavat. He is originally from Rajkot but was living in Jamnagar for the last five months. He visited Rajkot only to commit the murder and returned to Jamnagar. We are investigating why he committed the murders,” said the commissioner.

“The people of the city need not be afraid anymore as the culprit has been caught. This was one of the most difficult cases.... Our team’s hardwork paid off,” he said.

Further probe is on, Gehlot said.

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Rajkot ‘stone killer’ held for 3 murders, labourer for fourth

The ‘stone killer’ used to drive an auto in Rajkot before fleeing to Jamnagar after committing the third murder on June 2.

Months after three men were bludgeoned to death after being sodomised in separate incidents, Rajkot police on Friday arrested an autorickshaw driver from Jamnagar in this connection.
They also arrested a labourer for allegedly killing a 58-year-old man in a similar way at a bus stop on the outskirts of the city.

A city crime branch team arrested Hitesh Ramavat from Bedeshwar area of Jamnagar, where he was living in rented accommodation.

According to the police, Ramavat was a homosexual. He used to drive an autorickshaw in Rajkot before fleeing to Jamnagar after committing the third murder on June 2.
“We had been trailing him for the last 24 hours. It was a massive operation. Around 1,280 policemen were put on the job in different teams. He was nabbed this evening from Jamnagar and has been brought to Rajkot,” city police commissioner Anupam Singh Gehlot told mediapersons. He also said Ramavat confessed to the crimes.

The series of murders started on April 20 when Sagar Mevada, a tea seller, was hammered to death with a stone near Bhaktinagar railway station after a scuffle, police said. This was followed by an assault on May 23 near Saurashtra University on autorickshaw driver Pravin Barad (58), who succumbed to injuries at a city hospital a few days later.

Similarly, Vallabh Rangani (60) was killed on June 2 when he went out for a walk early morning. His body was found on Mavdi-Pal Road, with a heavy stone smeared with blood lying close to it.
Police had released CCTV footage and sketches of a man who was captured on camera walking alongside Rangani. Ramavat was on the run since that incident and a reward of Rs 2 lakh was announced for his capture, investigators said.

Earlier in the day, Sandip alias Suresh Mokariya, a casual labourer, was arrested for allegedly bludgeoning to death Dhirajlal Vikani, a former travel agent, at a bus stop in Shapar-Veraval area on the outskirts of the city.

According to the police, Vikani and Mokariya had a scuffle three nights before the murder over sleeping on a platform of the bus stand. The victim was unemployed and used to search for job in the industrial estate of Shapar-Veraval.

“Furious after the scuffle, Mokariya murdered Vikani with a heavy stone in the early hours of Thursday,” DIG (Rajkot range) D N Patel said.

“He is facing trial for a murder that he allegedly committed in Porbandar four years ago. Additionally, cases under the the Prohibition Act have been filed against him in Porbandar,” Patel said.