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Crime Patrol: Hotel murders suspect may be a serial killer (Episode

Kolkata: SMS helped crack hotel murders

Police in Kolkata solved a double murder at a hotel, even though they had no clues to start with. The killer, named by police as Ajay Pandit, had wiped all traces of evidence from the hotel room where a woman and a child were found drugged and electrocuted. All that the police had to go on was a hunch that the killer was an electrician, based on the way he had used copper wire to tie up both victims.A team of 50 investigators was assembled from the Detective Department and Park Street Police, and they gradually began to piece together clues. The first break came when they tracked down the original owner of a fake voter ID, which had been used by Pandit. Then, after months of following blind alleys, a DTH installation message landed on Pandit's mobile phone, giving police his location. He was eventually arrested with the help of a Bengali DTH shop owner in Jasadih.

Police believe that Pandit was the ringleader of a gang that drugged and robbed train passengers and tourists. They are still investigating the exact role of the elder sister of Pandit's wife, who was one of the murder victims.

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