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Crime Patrol: Dombivli: Man approached tantrik to find out muhurat to murder cousin (Episode 723, 724 on 15th, 16th Oct, 2016)

The murder of road contractor Satish Rasal in his car in Dombivli, Mumbai, led the police to uncover a convoluted family drama. Four years prior, Satish's cousin Jaideep Rasal had approached a tantrik, Baba Parshuram Patil, to find his missing wife, who Patil claimed was alive and would contact Jaideep. Jaideep continued to visit Patil, believing that his wife would eventually return to him.

However, Jaideep's wife did eventually return, only to reveal that she had been having an affair with Satish for the past six to seven months. In a fit of rage, Jaideep sought Baba Patil's help to murder Satish and even asked for a muhurat, or auspicious timing, for the act. Baba Patil advised Jaideep to commit the murder on Thursday night, which he did with the help of a friend named Chandan Gaikwad. After murdering Satish, Jaideep and Chandan turned to Baba Patil to dispose of the murder weapon.

The police have arrested all three men and charged them under sections 302 (Murder), 397 (robbery or dacoity, with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt), 120 B (conspiracy), and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code. The case highlights the dangers of blind faith in spiritual gurus and the extreme consequences that can arise from suspicion and jealousy.

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