Man suspects cousin of having affair with wife; goes to tantrik asks for muhurat to murder him

They say there is a time for everything, but what about murder? A 34-year-old Dombivli resident certainly seemed to think so, as he approached a tantrik to find out the muhurat to murder his cousin brother, whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

On Friday morning, an auto rickshaw driver was driving past Galaxy Furniture Hub in Dombivli, when he saw the victim — Satish Rasal, a road contractor — dead in his car. His throat had been slit open and the driver’s seat was soaked in blood. The police said his mobile phone, wallet and some other belongings were also missing. They learnt that Satish was a resident of Nilje Gaon, Dombivli (East), where he lived with his wife and three daughters.

Plot thickens
As the police began investigating the murder, they realised that the Rasal family had fallen prey to another crime in the past. Satish’s cousin Jaideep Rasal’s wife had gone missing four years ago, but the family never filed a complaint.

The cops learnt that instead of going to the police, Jaideep approached his friend Chandan Gaikwad, who took him to see a tantrik, identified as Baba Parshuram Patil (75).

Baba Patil assured Jaideep that his wife was alive and well and would get back in touch with him. After this, Jaideep kept meeting Baba Patil for reassurance.

Jaideep’s faith was bolstered when his wife recently got in touch with him through her friend. She was missing her children and wanted their photographs. Jaideep was overjoyed, until he learnt that his wife had already been in touch with his cousin Satish for 6-7 months. Jaideep began to suspect that something was going on between his wife and cousin brother, and flew into a rage.

A time to kill
Jaideep went to Baba Patil and told him that he wanted to kill his cousin brother, and asked for a muhurat to ensure the murder went smoothly. Baba Patil told him Thursday night was the right time for the crime. Jaideep enlisted the help of both Baba Patil and his friend Chandan. On Thursday, Chandan waited outside Satish’s office at Katai Gaon and kept the accused informed about his whereabouts. At night, Satish got into his car and drove to the Galaxy furniture store, where Jaideep was waiting for him.

Jaideep claimed that he had run out of petrol, so Satish offered to drop him at the next petrol pump. Jaideep got into the car and offered Satish a bottle of beer. They stopped to drink the beer, and once it was over, Jaideep took out a butcher’s knife and slit his cousin’s throat. Chandan also got into the car and attacked Satish with the knife again. Once Satish was dead, the two killers went to Baba Patil and gave him the weapon to hide. Police have now recovered the murder weapon from a secluded ground where Patil had hidden it.

The Thane Crime Branch (Unit III) arrested Jaideep (34), Chandan (33) and Baba Patil (75) and handed them over to the Manpada police, who had originally registered the crime under Sections 302 (Murder), 397 (robbery or dacoity, with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt), 120 B (conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC.

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