The Inside Story
To avenge the abduction and murder of his teenage son last year, a man shot dead a doctor's son on Sunday inside their clinic in Dakchaya area. Ashok Mishra, a medical store owner, reached Kailash Kothari's clinic on a bike with two pistols and pumped five bullets into his son, Pankaj, on Sunday. He then hit Kailash with a pistol and tried to escape but locals nabbed him and handed him over to police on Sunday evening. Thirteen-year-old Kartik Mishra, son of Ashok, was kidnapped from a coaching institute on December 1, 2015 and murdered. His body was dumped in Narmada River near Mandaleshwar. Prime accused Subhash Patidar, who ran a medical shop in front of Ashok's pharmacy, allegedly hired assassins for Rs 2 lakh to kill Kartik out of business rivalry. He was arrested along with the assassins Nanuram Chaudhary and Kanhaiyalal Jat. Kailash Kothari was a distant relative of Subhash. Mishra had alleged Kothari's role in his son's murder but the police found no evidence against him. Pankaj was rushed to Bombay hospital where he was declared brought dead. Police said Mishra has been booked on charges of murder of IPC and is being interrogated. A senior police officer said Mishra bought the two guns from Gandhvani (Dhar) area from a guns dealer of Sikligars community, who produce country-made rifles and pistols. A senior officer dismissed Kailash's role in the boy's murder. "After Kartik's murder was solved, Ashok visited the office and thanked senior officials investigating the case for arresting the accused. Even the killers have never told us about Kothari's involvement. He might have taken the step out of someone's pressure or for some other reason," said the officer, adding that Ashok had thereby weakened his son's murder case, which is going on in the court.

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