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Crime Patrol: Indore | To 'avenge' son's murder, man guns down doctor's son (Episode 722 on 14th Oct)

A man seeking revenge for the abduction and murder of his teenage son last year shot dead a doctor's son inside their clinic in the Dakchaya area of India on Sunday. Ashok Mishra, a medical store owner, arrived at Kailash Kothari's clinic on a bike with two pistols and fired five bullets into his son, Pankaj. He then hit Kailash with a pistol and attempted to flee, but locals caught him and handed him over to the police. Kailash Kothari was a distant relative of the prime accused in Mishra's son's murder, Subhash Patidar, but police found no evidence of Kothari's involvement.

Thirteen-year-old Kartik Mishra, Ashok's son, was abducted from a coaching institute on December 1, 2015, and murdered. The prime accused, Subhash Patidar, allegedly hired assassins for Rs 2 lakh to kill Kartik due to business rivalry. Patidar was arrested along with the assassins, Nanuram Chaudhary and Kanhaiyalal Jat. Mishra had accused Kailash Kothari of being involved in his son's murder, but police found no evidence of his involvement. Mishra has been booked on murder charges and is being interrogated. A senior police officer said that Mishra had weakened his son's murder case by taking the law into his own hands.

The incident took place in the Dakchaya area of India, where Ashok Mishra shot dead Kailash Kothari's son to avenge his own son's abduction and murder. Despite Mishra's allegations, the police found no evidence of Kothari's involvement in Kartik Mishra's murder, which was allegedly orchestrated by Subhash Patidar, who was subsequently arrested. By taking the law into his own hands, Ashok Mishra has weakened his son's murder case and is now facing murder charges himself.

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