Cops traced the victims to Bijapur and found they had come to meet suspects in Bhor

Using the label attached by a tailor to the clothes as a clue, the Pune rural police have cracked a sensational double murder case, which had taken place in Bhor taluka on July 16. The Bhor police arrested three persons for allegedly killing two persons.

Investigations by the Bhor police revealed that the victims used to harass the wife of one of the murderers by calling her up frequently on her mobile phone and insisting that she have a relationship with them. The arrested people include Rajshekhar Sirappa Chinnekar (28) and his friends Mangesh alias Santosh Malappa Chinnekar and Mukesh Lohkare, all residents of Katraj.

The victims were Mallikarjun Shankarappa Biradar (21) and Ashfaq alias Kiran Ramzan Sanjwad, both natives of Satalgaon in Bijapur taluka, Karnataka.

According to the police, Rajshekhar and his wife were staying at Katraj for the last couple of years. His wife’s parents are from Satalgaon village while the deceased were also from the same village.

Investigating officer and assistant police inspector Asaram Choramale of Bhor police station told dna, “Mallikarjun and Rajshekhar’s wife were classmates in school and her brother was his friend. A few months ago, Mallikarjun somehow got the mobile number of Rajshekhar’s wife following which he and his friend Ashfaq started calling her up and insisting that she have a relationship with them.”

The police said Rajshekhar later got suspicious about his wife and installed a software to record calls in her mobile. “After hearing Mallikarjun’s conversations with her, Rajshekhar got angry with Mallikarjun and Ashfaq and hatched a plot with his friends to threaten them.”

Later on, the duo called up Rajshekhar’s wife again saying they were coming to Pune to study and asking her to meet them at Katraj. Rajshekhar’s wife told them that she would meet them with her husband, Choramale said.

“On July 16, Mallikarjun and Ashfaq came to Katraj and met Rajshekhar and his wife at a hotel. Later, Rajshekhar dropped his wife at home and returned there in a van with his friends Mangesh and Mukesh. They made Mallikarjun and Ashfaq board the van and took them to an isolated spot near Saswad. There Rajshekhar hit Mallikarjun on the head with an iron rod. His friends bashed Mallikarjun’s head with a stone, killing him. Later, they took Ashfaq to a secluded spot near Bhor and killed him too,” Choramale added.

How the case was cracked
The Pune rural police found two dead bodies at different places. While conducting the spot panchanama, the Bhor police noticed a tailor’s label ‘BJP’ with an address in Bijapur in Karnataka. API Choramale then called up Bijapur police control and inquired about the address. Later, he confirmed the address and dispatched his team to Bijapur. Choramale said, “After reaching Satalgaon, we took the help of local newspapers in tracing the addresses of the victims and came to know that they had come to Pune to meet Rajshekhar. Thereafter, we arrested Rajshekhar and his friends. During interrogation, they admitted the crime.”

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