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Crime Patrol: Man who murdered to practise black magic’ moves HC for bail (Episode 736 on 13th November 2016)

The incident took place near Thane district in Maharashtra. A 24-year-old man has sought bail from the Bombay High Court after the Palghar sessions court rejected his bail plea. The accused is charged with murdering a man in order to retrieve his skull for black magic purposes.

The body of the victim, identified as Narendra Tilwa, was found in a burnt car in June 2013. The prosecution alleges that the accused, Kakkad, wanted a human skull of a person whose funeral was not performed according to religious rites. He believed that with the help of the skull, he could get the darshan of deity Kalika and satisfy all his desires. Kakkad conspired with another accused to kill Tilwa and retain his skull.

The defence lawyer argued that the case against Kakkad was based solely on circumstantial evidence and that his interest in witchcraft did not imply his involvement in the alleged murder. The Palghar sessions court had observed that recovery of books on Tantra-Vidya from Kakkad's house did not prove his guilt, but supported the prosecution's case. The Bombay High Court will hear the matter on September 18.

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