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Crime Patrol: Couple found murdered in Thane (Episode 734, 735 on 11th, 12th November, 2016)

The Thane police have solved the double murder case of a couple who were hacked to death by the woman's cousin in Daighar, Mumbai. The accused, identified as Shafiq Shamsuddin Mansuri, was upset that his reputation had been ruined after his cousin eloped with her lover to have an inter-faith marriage. The police picked up the accused from his hometown in Uttar Pradesh and arrested him on Monday.

The deceased couple, Vijay Shankar Yadav and Sufiya Abrar Mansuri, had moved to Daighar after eloping to Mumbai on April 9 last year to get married. Shafiq, who was Sufiya's cousin and Vijay's friend, was blamed for their elopement and was also accused of helping them. As a result, he decided to exact revenge by killing the couple.

During his interrogation, Shafiq accepted his crime and claimed that he had been planning the murder for the last year as his reputation in his village was ruined. He also planned to commit the murders as his "sacrifice" for Bakra Eid. Shafiq used a knife he had acquired earlier in the day and slit Vijay's throat while he was asleep. He then stabbed Sufiya in the stomach when she woke up, saying that they did not want her child. After clearing his traces, he boarded a train to Kalyan and switched off his phone, restarting it only near Nashik. The police doubt the involvement of the family in the incident, as there was no reaction from them even after they came to know about her death.

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